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Tarot Readings and Reiki: Burning life questions answered and rejuvenation for the body and soul. Find out exactly how tarot readings and reiki treatments can transform your life into exactly what you’ve always desired over at the Services page.

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The Journey Inward


The Sacred Spiral offers a variety of treatments and sessions that help you build the kind of life you’ve always dreamed about; from discovering your true passions to healing old emotional hurts that are holding you back. Each session is tailored completely to you and is designed for you to discover just how powerful you are.
All readings and treatments are done by Bobbi, a certified energy healer and tarot reader.
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What do you do when she’s itching to get out? Itching Burning Flailing Moaning and yearning to be released She haunts your every inaction Highlights your every worry She’s always nagging Pushing for greatness Pulling for better You love what she stands for You hate that she’s separate Why can’t she be me? Why can’t …