The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Shaved Head

Have you ever known something so deeply in your gut that you couldn’t ignore it and it wouldn’t go away? So you changed everything in a leap of faith to go after it?

I get it. And it gave me VIP seating on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Here are the basics: I quit my corporate job. Then shaved my head. Followed by purging and downsizing my life into a handful of boxes. Then sold my car and surrendered my apartment.

Those are the juicy bits. Let me digress momentarily to set the stage.

In 2012, life as I knew it changed. I was in college, majoring in anthropology with intentions to go to medical school. I was in a dysfunctional, long-term relationship and working part time at a corporate power house. I had just picked up my routine Starbucks and was driving to my weekend volunteer gig at a regional hospital when my car was rear-ended. Twice.

Brother and my 2012 self

Fast forward through a nasty break up and thousands of dollars worth of medical testing and treatment. I was racked with migraines and had lost all my confidence in western medicine. I dropped out of school, convinced myself that I was going to finally be able to pursue a long standing dream of getting an equestrian degree, which fell through, then pursued a corporate promotion, which also fell through. At that point in my life, I had never felt so lost and stuck.

An incredibly nosy eaves dropper changed everything for me.

I had been complaining to a friend about yet another migraine that was having its way with me while standing in line for what I’m sure was my third espresso drink of the day.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but have you tried acupuncture?” (Memory fails to remember his exact words, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was politely eaves dropping)

Who was this annoying individual who had the audacity to listen to my very personal migraine complaints and be so bold as to suggest something as ridiculous as acupuncture? Jerk.

I took the business card and let it make home in my wallet for one month when I got desperate enough to try anything that would help. The acupuncturist did for me in a handful of months what western medicine had been trying to do for about a year: relieved the migraines, helped me sleep, and eased the creeping anxiety that had been lingering since the accident.

The amazingly talented practitioner, Katelyn, quickly became a holistic advisor to me. She introduced  me to organic diet changes and essential oil education. She was also one of my first introductions to understanding my own energy.

As our friendship grew, I started opening up to her about my various beliefs and experiences with spiritually and the paranormal. She started urging me to go see the reiki practitioner in her office.

No. Absolutely not. I was not going to pay someone to put their hands on my person for an hour and claim to “heal” me. Nope.

In 2015, I had a life changing trip to Sedona, Arizona that warrants it’s own post in the near future. Simply put, it helped me to release all that was holding me back at that point in my life, complete with an ugly, snotty cry. I had also worked with two energy healers, one of which had done a wisdom card reading for me, giving me the cedar card (as in the wood). It was appropriate, but not life shatteringly profound. It was okay though, my experiences in Sedona were enough for me.

2015-03-26 18.40.13-1

After returning home, I was recounting my Sedona experience with Katelyn when she insisted that I contact the reiki professional and handed me her card: Cedar Circle Healing.

Well. Damn. (Memory did not fail in remembering the exact words that had crossed my mind in that moment).

What followed was nothing short of profound. A year of meditating, healing myself, and exploring energy work in the modern world has brought me to this point. More on that later.

In March of this year, I had felt called to go to India to work with monks for seven months. So, in the spirit of embracing change, I took a leap of faith. I quit my comfy corporate job, sold my car, surrendered my apartment, donated most of my belongings, and shaved off all my hair.

Well, actually, my brother had the honor of shaving off all 10 inches of my hair:


And, now, here I am, writing for all of you. I wasn’t allowed board onto the plane to India (read about the crazy twisty turn my trip to India has taken next week), so I’m state side for the next couple of months. I’ll be writing for you more about my journey getting to this point and my discoveries moving forward. My hope and desire for you is to find your own inspiration that sparks a personal revolution through my experiences.

Join me next week to talk about India, spirituality, and the sometimes surprising plot twists of life.


Curious about acupuncture? Check out the incredible healer at Roots Acupuncture:

Ready to give reiki a try? Head on over to the Trinity family ( or Cedar Circle Healing (

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