How To: Create A Meditation Space

We’re all hearing about it these days, that pesky ‘M’ word: Meditation. We should be doing it every day, for X hours, to achieve those really fantastically magical results.

While I’m a huge proponent of meditation (although it did take me a bit to find my meditation mojo), there isn’t a lot of clear guidance on where you should meditate. And while you can meditate anywhere, setting up a dedicated space can amplify your meditations immensely.

It takes about an hour (depending on how big a space you are dedicating) and a few items:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • A shelf or small table to serve as your altar
  • One sage stick and lighter
  • A ceramic plate/bowl or alabaster shell
  • At least one item that is meaningful to you
  • Rose water (optional)


  1. Find a space. You’re going need to find a place in your home that you can make your own. It’s a bonus if it’s also a place where you can sit without an overabundance of noise. This could mean a small space in front of a shelf in your bedroom or your entire spare room. A gigantic space is not required. Remember, this is all about getting some serious you time. It’ll be easier to spend time there if you actually like the space.
  1. Clean! You’ll want to clean the space as thoroughly as possible. Energetically speaking, energy moves more freely in clean, organized spaces and becomes stagnant in unkempt areas. Ideally, you want to start by moving everything out of the space and cleaning from floor to ceiling. I will always suggest using natural cleaning products. Lemon essential oil sprinkled on a damp rag is my go-to. If that’s not realistic, aim to remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the area and be sure the remaining items are organized. You’ll also want to limit the electronics present in the room, or eliminate them from the space all together. Electronics interfere with our energy and the energy around us. It’s best to limit that as much as possible when we’re meditating. Clean the floors (or vacuum), wash the windows, and dust whatever needs dusting. I always find it helpful to put on my favorite playlist at this point. Cleaning gets done so much faster when I’m shaking my booty! Make sure all the furniture being used gets a good rub down too. If you want to go all out, get some rose water and wipe your alter down with it. Rose water promotes only the best kinds of energy.
  1. Smudge. There’s a variety of different methods out there for smudging. Keeping it simple, you’ll need a stick of sage, a ceramic plate (or alabaster shell), and fire source. The smoke produced by the smudge will IMG_0810be used to clear any negative energy that is in the space, so you can start with a clean slate. Light the sage and keep it over your plate or shell (as the leaves burn, embers will be falling). Cover the area as best you can with the smoke, including the walls and corners. It’s important here to focus on a clear intention. This could mean praying, repeating mantras, or simply a repeated statement. I like to use the following mantra:

    “I clear this space of all that is negative and anything that doesn’t serve me or those that reside in this space. This space will only be filled with love and light.”

     If you want to take it a step further, work in a counterclockwise motion around the room and end at an open window if possible. For those unfamiliar with smudging, be prepared for a…unique…scent. It will produce a lot of smoke, so start with sage leaves (just break them off the stick) until you become comfortable with the amount and smell of the smoke.
  1. Set up your sacred items. This is the point where you start setting up your shelf or small table that will serve as your altar with items that are meaningful to you. This can literally be anything: crystals, photographs, feathers, crosses, jewelry, a spatula. The only requirement is that it holds significance to you. If only one thing comes to mind at this point, peachy! If 100 things come to mind here, great, just make sure your altar is big enough! I also like to use a pretty scarf to drape over my altar before setting up my items.
    If these items need to be cleaned, be sure to do so now. It’s also ideal to smudge them. Just cover the item in the sage smoke for a couple of seconds.

    It’s important that, while you are placing your item(s) on your altar, you’re in a place of calm. You want to be sure positive intention goes into creating this space. This could mean taking a couple of deep breaths, a moment of self-reflection, or a short meditation to ground yourself.

  1. Invite. This is the really important part. This space is dedicated to your beliefs. Therefore, invite anything into the space that you hold sacred: Angels, God, Buddha, spirit guides, animal totems, Genesha. Whoever your soul feels connected to, ask them to be in the space, protect it, and fill it with all their good juju (or light, vibration, holiness, for more technical word choices).

That’s it! The space is ready to mediate in. Because I dedicate a room for mediation and energy work, I like to decorate as well. Just be sure to smudge any new items that you bring into the space to ensure they are only providing you with the best kind of energy.

Have your space set up and ready to go, but unsure of how to meditate? Check out my chakra healing meditation coming tomorrow! And be sure to share your fabulous thoughts on how to set up a meditation space below. Remember, we all have something to learn from everyone!

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