Wolf Magic – Running with Wolves

I hear all the time that people believe that meditations are used for one of two things: to be silent for a long time and for astral projection. While those things can certainly be accomplished with regular meditation, there are so many other uses and benefits.

This week’s meditation came to me via my brother, so I can’t take credit for finding it. However, it’s the most fun I’ve had doing a guided meditation and continues to be the one I use when I need to lighten up or decompress. Accordingly, this meditation can (and should) be used at any time you need a pick me up and have 20 minutes to spare.

For those of you that liked last week’s narrator, this meditation was created by the same individuals. The guided style is similar, and so is the accent.

Click HERE and enjoy!

I’d love to hear how it went and if there’s any other meditations you’ve been curious about. Comment below once your done!

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