The Wild World of Power Animals

We’re going to dabble in some shamanism today and take a peek inside the world of power animals.

Shamans hold the belief that every thing is alive and carries potent wisdom and power. While that extends to just about anything we can see (and a lot that we can’t), the concept of power animals (or totem animals, or animal medicine) is pretty universal among all cultures. This wisdom and power is given to everyone and becoming familiar with these animals can be incredibly empowering to you and your life’s purpose.


We each have animal totems, those animals that have been with us our entire lives and will continue to be with us until our passing. Animal totems give you deep, intimate insights into your inner workings. They tell you what you love, what kind of job you’ll excel in, what you’re love life probably looks like, and what you’re strengths are. Animal totems are said to live inside us, and therefor, are us.

Oftentimes, you’ve seen your animal totems pop up in your life, in very non-mystical ways. For instance, one of my totem animals is a tiger. Growing up I had an obsession with big cats, but my favorite were the tigers.


We also have a connection to power animals, the animals that seek us out to provide us with a message (called animal medicine). Each animal has their own “specialty”, if you will, and their messages are their way of helping you in their specialty. Power animals show up when you need guidance in some area of your life, whether because you asked for it or not.

There are plenty of resource books out there that go through what each animal’s message is, but a quick Google search will provide you with more than enough information to give you what you need. As always, trust the information that resonates with you.


There are many-a-different ways to go about finding out which power animals are working with you, or will be working with you:

  • Have an animal totem reading done. This kind of reading can tell you what animal totems have been with you all your life in addition to which animals are currently working with you (and may not be permanent). For instance, a year outlook animal spread gives you a different power animal for each of the 12 months that will be working with you.
  • An experienced shaman has a direct communication link to the animal realm and can talk with you about which animals are in your life without the use of cards. Many shamans can also perform healings that strengthen your connection to your animal totems.
  • You can also receive animal medicine in your daily life. Pay attention to animals that are acting in opposition to their natural behavior, it’s likely they are trying to get your attention.

One of my favorite memories of power animals showing up for me was during a period of my life when I was doubting my ability to open up to the world about my abilities. I had been beating myself up for days and was at the doorstep of quitting.

While driving one morning, there were 3 crows in my lane, about 100 feet ahead. It was a busy road, right off the freeway, so I assumed they would move any moment. I got closer, and they didn’t. They stared at my car, but didn’t move. So I honked a little, half annoyed that they were in my way, but still no luck. They didn’t budge. Finally, and emotionally, I yelled, “I SEE YOU. I GET IT. JUST MOVE SO I DON’T KILL YOU”. At which point the three leisurely flew away.

Minutes after that, two hawks started flying to my left. I found this odd, provided the area, but not odd enough to consider them “in opposition to their natural behavior”. I only took notice when I realized that the two perched themselves on light poles when I was stopped at red lights, and only continued their flight when I was also moving.

While I won’t get into the individual message associated with the crow and hawk, those two birds gave me the kick in the butt I needed to get out of my funk.


This kind of experience is not exclusive to me, or people who are energy workers. All you have to do is be open. Be aware of your surroundings and present in the moment.

You may be surprised at what you see.


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