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I have always found it fascinating how well oracle cards clearly illustrate just how connected perfect strangers are. For instance, this month’s free reading is done with Ascended Master oracle cards. I have seen the same Ascended Master pop up at least once for every batch of readings I’ve sat down to do (with a deck that has 44 cards). And, more importantly, showed up for people who have no obvious connection to each other.

This always surprises me! I spend a good deal of time prepping the decks that I use. I shuffle them, I clear them, I shuffle them again while calling in the energy for a reading, then the cards get spread out and scattered around while I close my eyes and pick the card that I’m guided to. And yet, no matter how much preparation I do, identical cards come up.

So, that got me to thinking. Perhaps this happens when the world needs a particular message, and people need to band together.

Following that thought process, I think I’ll give that ascended master I referred to earlier some time in the spot light: Babaji.

Mahavatar Babaji – Kriya Yoga

His Story


He’s known as the “deathless avatar”, an Indian saint, and an extremely important figure in the yoga world. In fact, his name means “revered father”. He’s most well known as the yogi who successfully re-introduced the ancient practice of yoga, called Kriya Yoga, to the world.

Interestingly enough, there are no historical records regarding his death or birth, but his existence is as widely accepted as any other saint. The original literature about Babaji was written by Paramahansa Yogananda (who’s credited with being tasked by Babaji to spread yoga to the western world). Written in his book, it’s said that Babaji is deathless and still resides in the Himalayan regions of India. He is said to physically show himself only to those who are on the highest of spiritual paths.

Babaji – The Ascended Master


Drawing this card suggests the obvious, that you should seriously consider taking up yoga. Or, at the very least, give it a try at least once. As the reader behind the card, I often find that people who receive this card are in need of yoga for one of two reasons: there are challenges to their health that would benefit immensely from yoga, or their spiritual practice needs elevating and yoga is the place to start.

But, there is a deeper meaning behind having Babaji as your ascended master. The way in which yoga was taught by Babaji called for a marriage between science and faith. He desired for participants to understand the physical and the spiritual aspects of various yoga positions with intentions of ushering in total self-transformation for the participant. So, while Babaji asks you to dabble in yoga, he’s also asking you to bring greater awareness to all aspects of your life and find a way to bring those aspects into alignment with each other.

That’s the spiritual translation. What does that mean in real world terms? Why are so many people being guided by Babaji this month?

Real Life Translation


People are STRESSED. So many of us are taking in and holding onto copious amounts of negativity from the media, work, and the people around us. It’s causing serious harm to our physical health and our emotional wellbeing. The vast majority are in desperate need of a reality break.

Yoga provides that outlet. It’s the perfect equation! You get your body moving and stretching, which is going to promote healthy bodily functions. It’s also fantastic for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Each pose is designed for you to connect with a specific spiritual outlet (usually nature elements). This
is going to give you the emotional reset you’re craving and the spiritual connection that will lead you to a more fulfilled life. Just as Babaji had intended, you’ll be learning how to fully utilize your physical and spiritual beliefs, together, more effectively in your life.

And for those who feel  you’ve pulled Babaji as your ascended master because you need to enhance your spiritual work or path, you couldn’t find a better teacher. I suggest you meditate with his energy, be open to whatever it is he wants to teach you, and get ready to see the results unfold.


Gobs of love and blessings!

Did you get the Babaji card this month? Leave a comment below with your insights. I promise you, you’ll be helping someone else who shares this energy with you!


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