Harness the Power of Animal Medicine

In January, I gave many of you a 2017 outlook spread: one power animal for each month.

I’ve received a lot of questions about how to decipher meanings and how to apply them to your life. Now that we’re in March, I’d like to take some time to talk about how to use those animals and their “medicine” to better your life.

Let me start with an example:

My February animal medicine was the Turkey: Give-Away

Turkey is simultaneously both an indication of gifts headed your way and a reminder that all energy, and abundance, should move through you. Translation? Get ready for some exceptional gifts, but don’t get greedy. Be generous as generosity comes to you and reign in any fears of lack.

Naturally, there was some excitement when I looked into this medicine at the beginning of the month. Gifts?! From Spirit?! Yes please! Gimme gimme!

And there was my very first lesson, on February 1st: don’t get greedy! I had to get to work right away on shifting that greed for things I didn’t have to gratitude for what I was already so lucky to have.

Once that happened, miracles started flowing: from free business training to an opportunity to get advice from Kris Carr herself (hello crazy happy dance!) and the Universe removing obstacles that weren’t in alignment with my life purpose. However, my most beautiful gift was given to me from a first time client, who brought to me a message of encouragement and determination from my deceased grandpa. It came at the perfect time, in the perfect way and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

At the end of the month, the gratitude was pouring out of my person. I was in awe of what the Universe was capable of and so freaking thankful that it was supporting me in so many ways.

But, some fear started to creep in. My month of gifts is done! What does this mean?! Do I have to hunker down now in case abundance slows down?!

Oh, fear of lack. You sneaky, sneaky devil. Even as I’m writing this, I’m working on rewriting that message in my mind.

It’s important to remember that power animals that request to be with you for the month are with you ALL MONTH. Their lessons and their blessings work 1×1 with you ALL MONTH. But don’t forget to continuously build on what you’ve learned in previous months. It’s one of the reasons I’m offering free mini tarot readings this month: keep that turkey energy flowing!

Here’s the basics for your own use:

Start by researching the meaning, or medicine, behind the power animal. There’s a plethora of information available to you online and in various books. Try Googling “ spiritual meaning”. Get the details on what your animal is all about: the positives, the challenges, and the actions being called for.

It’s also helpful to look at more than one resource when researching your power animal (i.e. different websites and/or books).

Contrary medicine. Most, if not all, animal medicine comes with contrary medicine. In a normal reading, contrary medicine is indicated in a card that is positioned upside down. These messages are oftentimes tough love, as they spotlight aspects of ourselves that we need to work on.

However, in an outlook spread, all aspects of the medicine need to be reflected on; the positives and the challenges.

Which leads nicely into…

How do you apply animal medicine to your life? It’s first important to know what context the animal medicine was given to you.

In the outlook spread that many of you received, the animal medicine applies to the span of the assigned month. I encourage you to research the animal medicine in the beginning of the month so you know where to direct your awareness.

Don’t go looking for things to happen. Instead, let the experiences come to you, live them, and take the time afterwards to reflect (and reflect through the lens of the animal medicine of the month).

Other means of using animal medicine:

When an in-the-flesh animal has flagged down your attention (oftentimes acting against their natural behavior), this is often times a message that is to be immediately applied to your life. Your first thought should always be to go and look up what the meaning of the animal is.

If you’ve been introduced to one or more of your animal totems, apply their medicine big picture. Animal totems give you insight into your own inner workings and desires. They are aligned with who you are as a person, and can be thought of as an extension of you. If you need a refresher about what an animal totem is (versus a power animal), head over HERE.

And finally, for you card readers out there, power animal cards (or animal wisdom cards) can be used in any traditional oracle spread. Just be sure to keep the focus of the spread in mind when researching the meaning behind the animals.

How are your power animals treating you? Do you have insight on how to work with their lessons? Please share below!

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