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March’s free mini-tarot readings are pouring in, and ladies and gents, it would appear that we all are in need of some inspiration and good juju.


I’ve wrote about this before, the tendency for my oracle cards (including my tarot decks) to show me not only what the person I’m reading needs, but also what a group of people are experiencing. I’ve had the honor of doing twenty mini-tarot readings since March 1st, and let me tell you, we could all use a pick-me up.


You’ll find that your sources of inspiration are fluid; the right teacher finds you at the perfect time, when you’re ready. It’s also my experience that the best of kind of inspiration out there is when we give gratitude to the people who’ve made a positive impact on our life. We are all connected, and spreading the love benefits everyone involved.


With that being said, I want to sing some praises for just a few of my favorite women, from all parts of the world (and in no particular order). They’re always spreading messages that lift me up and inspire me to honor myself and others.


Read through the whole list for an overdose of positivity, or use the links below to jump to the woman who is calling to you in this moment.


I hope you can find some joy and light in them as well. If you do, make sure you send some love back at them!


Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Cancer Thriver, Health Advocate

Jenilee Dowling – Energy worker, Warrioress

Megan Jayne Crabbe – Body Positive Feminist Warrior

Jessie J – Good JuJu Queen

Kris Carr

(@KrisCarr.FanPage and

I can’t say enough about this fantastic human being. I’ve been reading her posts for over a year now, and she always gives me an inspirational kick in the booty. Not to mention I ADORE her writing style. She’s down-to-earth, open, and knows her stuff. She’s also very spunky, which is a breath of fresh air. I mean, she’s named her brand “Crazy Sexy”. Anyone who makes that kind of decision is stellar in my book.


I’ve also had the pleasure of interacting with her and her staff twice. The first time she gifted me with her oracle cards, “Crazy Sexy Love Notes”. The second time she included my website on one of her international calls, giving me some encouragement and tips on how I can better my business. She’s got a big heart and spreads the love, even though she’s under no obligation to do so. That’s my kinda woman.


And if ya’ll could’ve seen the happy dance I put on for both occasions, I may reach a new level of crazy in your heads.


For those who’ve never heard her name, she’s living with a rare cancer that she’s keeping in-check with a holistic, spunky lifestyle. She talks about her experiences (literally all of them, it’s so refreshing) and how she’s living in harmony with her cancer. She’s a self-proclaimed cancer thriver (not a cancer survivor). She has tons of information and shenanigans on her website about clean eating, how to nurture your soul, and how to infuse some pep into your life.


Her entire website is fabulous, but HERE is one of my favorite posts. It’s a perfect example of the inspirational butt kicking I referenced earlier.


If you’d rather listen to her, HERE is her speech at Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, appropriately titled “How to Live a Crazy Sexy Life”.


And, finally, a crazy sexy quote:


“There’s no need to wait for the bad things and bullshit to be over. Change now. Love now. Live now. Don’t wait for people to give you permission to live, because they won’t.”
― Kris CarrCrazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark, and Live Like You Mean It!



Jenilee Dowling

(@readingsbyjenilee and

This amazing woman is on this list for a couple of reasons. First, I admire how authentic she is. The very first post I read by Jenilee was bursting with raw emotion and openness. Not to mention came at a time that I had the same exact feelings, although she expressed them much more eloquently. I can’t get enough of people, such as Jenilee, who have the courage and strength to put their truth out there for all to see and do so with respect. I draw a lot of inspiration from people like that to lead my own life as authentically as possible (and to know it’s possible to live that way!).


This also extends to the PHENOMENAL work she does for the LGBTQ community and social awareness. I have massive amounts of respect for people that walk their talk and then take it a step further by being proactive in change. And not only does she use her platform for positive support, but she works with people 1×1 to help them realize how powerful they are.


Speaking of helping people 1×1, her work is exceptional. As a tarot reader and energy worker, it’s hard to surprise me. I usually know what to expect walking into a session. From the moment I reached out to her, I wasn’t sure how everything was going to play out (which of course had me even more intrigued). I’m fairly certain I even told her, “I’m not sure how you can help, but I know I have to work with you”.

The perfect session date got worked out, at which time she blew me away. I’ve had my fair share of energy treatments, but her session has been placed firmly in my #1-best-treatment spot. I could go on and on about the truly amazing shifts that took place after my session (including the birth of this website), but you can read it all HERE.


The kind of transformational energy she provided for me (and for others) can only come from someone who is exceptionally gifted and connected. Someone who has worked tremendously hard at bettering themselves and has committed completely to helping others do the same.


I whole-heartedly hope to be able to join the ranks of energy workers, like Jenilee, that add so much positivity and good juju into the world.


Here’s a couple of quotes from Jenilee:


“Their is no one person more special than another. Each one of us has an equal amount of unique specialness to embody as part of this very special Earth Tribe.”


“In every moment there’s a decision to see ourselves, our partner, and the world through the lens of love instead of fear.”


“I am a Warrioress today, tomorrow and yesterday. There will always be opportunities for growth and in this moment everything is perfect.”


And one of my personal favorites:

“I am dreaming of a world where women support each other in rising. Competition no longer exists because we know that we are stronger, prettier, smarter, more powerful together. We aren’t ashamed of each other or jealous of each other. We reflect each other’s light and share medicine for each other’s wounds. This extends beyond women to all human beings but hey we’ve got to start by looking in the mirror”


Megan Jayne Crabbe

(@bodyposipanda and


This woman! She makes my day. She’s part of the body positivity movement that is helping people accept their bodies, no matter the shape, size, or color. She’s always posting pictures of her truth (often before and afters) that bare it all. It’s amazing. I also LOVE that she takes the time to take care of her people, especially if trolls are commenting on her posts. She’s got the attitude and heart that I admire. It’s people like Megan that remind us that it’s beautiful to be human and that we should do our very best to embrace our flaws.


You’ll find that there’s loads of support on her Instagram page as well, which makes it an excellent place to stroll onto if you’re having a bummer of a day.


I also admire her ability to totally rock a “unicorn mane”. Seriously, it’s talent.


I first stumbled upon Megan when she posted a video of her having a dance party with herself, enjoying some “joyful jiggle”. I highly…HIGHLY…recommend taking the time to watch it today:



Jessie J



You likely know who I’m talking about here, singer/songwriter of the hits Price Tag and Domino.


I don’t want to say too much here, I’d rather her music speak for itself. This particular song ALWAYS makes me feel better. It speaks to exactly how I feel about the struggles and judgements we face in life, and how we need to strive to embrace our greatness. And for those of you wondering how the heck this is spiritual in anyway, I have a homework assignment for you: Have a dance party, with yourself, to this song. Let yourself go and take note of how you feel after. Then tell me about it!


THIS is also an exceptionally great one, speaking more to the pressures we put on ourselves and how we need to rise above it all.


So, without further adieu and to close out this post: Jessie J’s Stand Up


Make sure you sign up for this month’s free tarot reading! The requests are pouring in and I want to make sure everyone who wants one gets one while there’s time. Sign up below!

And for those of you who have received your reading, or have your own source of inspiration you’d like to share, share below and comment. Remember, we’re all connected, so spread the love!

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