Through the Eyes of a Tarot Reader

Ever wonder what it’s like to see through the eyes of a tarot reader?

I tell all of my clients that one of my goals is to demystify energy work. It’s my belief that it becomes more approachable for you after I explain the “mechanics” behind what I do. Which is ultimately what I want to do for you: empower you to discover that you are everything you need to succeed.

While I can’t speak for every tarot reader – we’re about as diverse as they come – I can tell you about what it’s like for me to do a tarot reading for you.

Let me start from the beginning…

I’m at my office or reading space about 45 minutes before you arrive so I can prep the space, making it a safe haven for the reading. Once there, I’m looking for (and sensing) any spirits or energies that need to exit the premises.

As an energy worker of any kind, you need to have an internal dictionary of what different feelings, images, and sensations mean. It’s not always as easy as just ‘seeing’ what’s there (although it makes my life much easier when I can just see what I’m working with).

For instance, I may walk into a room and immediately feel intensely anxious, with every hair on my body standing straight up. I know this is either some stagnant negative energy that needs to be cleared or a very nervous spirit that doesn’t know what to make of me.

Just as likely, I may walk into a room and see “someone” wandering around, just as startled to see me as I am to see them.

Both scenarios are equally as likely in my life and in my work.

Once I know what I’m dealing with, I clear the space of everything that doesn’t need to be there. I get the best results from using some sort of clearing agent (such as sage or a purification spray) in combination with a singing bowl. The combination of the two loosens up and releases any energy that doesn’t serve my work (or you). It’s also going to raise the vibration of the room which makes communicating with your guides and angels infinitely easier for everyone involved.

Once the space is clear of negativity and non-essential spirits, I call in the big guns to protect the room for the duration of my day: Archangel Michael. I ask him to keep the space pure and prevent anything that doesn’t serve the highest good from approaching or entering the space.

Angels have always been more of a challenge for me to connect with than guides/spirits. They often times make my ears ring intensely before I can make out the message. I equate it to me being tuned into a different frequency. You know, when you’re switching radio stations (manually) and you know you’re getting close because you can kind of hear the voices of the station hosts? It’s kinda like that.

Next, I cleanse and prepare myself because, contrary to some belief, tarot readers are human too. We have bad days and life challenges. The key however is to clear ourselves of our personal struggles while we’re channeling for your reading. Depending on the size of crabby pants I have on for the day, this can take just a few seconds (life is good!) to ten minutes.

Once you come into the office, get comfy, and have a seat across from me, I call in your guides, angels, or anything else that serves your highest good that wants to talk with you.

There’s a very specific feeling that I wait for to know that I’m “half-in-half-out”.  In other words, the feeling that signifies that I’m half on their side (the guides and angels) and half with you. The best way to describe this feeling is to imagine half of your body is floating in water while the other half remains on land. My arms and hands will feel like they’re floating, but I’ll still feel my feet on the floor. My third eye opens, and I see various images or colors that serve as confirmation that the channel has been opened.

So for those of you that have had a reading with me, do you remember when I ask you to close your eyes and breath deeply while I call in the angels and guides? Then there’s a momentary silence before I tell you we can begin? That’s the moment I’m waiting for that “open-channel” feeling.

That’s when the fun begins. Your guides will show me how they want me to lay out the cards. It’s very much like seeing very faint pieces of white tissue paper where the cards need to be laid down. There’s been a couple of instances where guides have given me an image of the spread through my third eye as well.

As I lay down the cards, I start to see how the energy flows between them. That energy looks a lot like mini rivers flowing between the cards and is my first clue as to what kind of reading it’s going to be.

After all the cards are laid out, there’s usually one that stands out, either by looking physically different or by pulling my attention to it. People often ask me how something can “pull” my focus. I can’t tell you how (because I don’t know for sure), but I can tell you that I have very little control over where my eyeballs focus. I HAVE to look at it. It’s a very odd sensation, and hard to put into words.

From here, I get your messages in a variety of different ways. It all depends on how you need to hear and receive the information.

I may see it: Sometimes your guides and angels will show themselves to me for identification. When this happens, I don’t see them like I see you. They are set in the background, almost as if they are behind a translucent curtain. If they decide to speak to me directly, it’s like trying to hold a conversation underwater. Although that does get easier the longer I stay connected to them.

They may also show me aspects of their messages, such as a place, person, or object. To perceive these images feels like trying to focus on a memory of a dream.

I may feel it: As a reader, I have to accept the fact that feelings are not my own when I’m reading your cards. I have felt the emotions of a drug addict, the frustration of a physically disabled body, and the confusion of someone struggling to cope with mental illness. Although sometimes jarring to the senses, this helps me connect to you on a deeper level when I’m energetically put into your shoes.

The cards are just my starting point to your reading. They are my tour guide, if you will. They give me an energy to tap into, so that you’re guides and angels may better communicate with me whatever it is you need to hear.

And no two readings are the same, and messages are always being delivered to me in new ways. For the longest time I explained to my clients that I’m not a medium, and won’t be able to incorporate mediumship into a reading. Well, as many of you know, that had to go out the window. As my connection became stronger and encompassed more energy channels, different kinds of energies started to come through. So, while I still hold that mediumship isn’t my immediate forte, I do have the occasional relative on the other side happy to participate in my readings.

This is also the reason that I tell my clients before a reading that the only limiting factor I enforce is that whatever energy wants to participate in the session must be working for your highest good, and only your highest good.

After my last client of the day has left, I take time to sit in deep, bursting gratitude. I thank everyone and everything that had a role in making the day successful, and for working along side me in service. This may be one of my favorite parts, actually: feeling the support and love that is always with me and that’s always with you.

I love what I do. It’s so dynamic and always changing. I never know what my next reading is going to look (or feel like) and I learn just as much from my clients (you!) as they learn from my cards.

So, if you ask me what it’s like to see through my eyes, I’d tell you the answer is simple: I see you and I see them. And we are much closer to each other than you think.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about my favorite readings that were chalk full of giggles, tears, and shocking moments. I can’t wait to share these with you!

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