What do you do
when she’s itching to get out?

Moaning and yearning to be released

She haunts your every inaction
Highlights your every worry

She’s always nagging
Pushing for greatness
Pulling for better

You love what she stands for
You hate that she’s separate

Why can’t she be me?
Why can’t I be her?
Why won’t she set me free?

But what if
she isn’t separate?

What if
She’s your soul
Your essence
Calling you home?

What if she’s your warrioress?
Inspiring you past inaction
Striking down your worry

What if she’s your passion’s fire?
Always reminding you of your greatness
Your divinity
Your strength
Shedding light on those hidden parts the you fear
But that make you beautifully imperfect

What if she is the Universe
the entire Universe
Seeping through your every pore

What if
by loving what she stands for
You’re loving who you are

What if
By hating her separation from you
You become aware of your separation
from your heart

What if she isn’t she at all
What if she
Is really you?

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