Look Who’s Talking Now

It never occurred to me that my dogs hear and see everything. I know they’re incredibly insightful (just look in their eyes!), but I never connected the dots: That the dogs may have insights about me.

Shortly after being taken from the hoarding situation, Bernie was featured on the WI Humane Society’s news page.

My fiancé, Travis, and I recently brought home a dog, Bernie, that was removed from a hoarding situation and has given us a

run for our money. He had taught us a lot about being rescue dog parents and we were making some progress with his fear behaviors, but he still had some lingering insecurities and quirks that we wanted to understand better.

Cue Stacy Krafczyk, founder of All Spirit Healing.

With all the energetic/spirit channels that I work with, I only go to those that give me “good feels” when I see their picture. And when I saw Stacy’s picture, I immediately got the good vibes.

Appointment made.

Per her instructions, I sent her pictures of Travis and I and all three dogs in addition to Travis’ dog that passed last year with their names and ages. I had also given her a brief low-down on Bernie’s history.

As we all anxiously awaited her phone call, two humans and three dogs piled onto the couch, the three dogs were uncharacteristically calm. Even when the mail lady walked up, which is usually a chaos spurring moment, they peacefully slept.

Once the appointment started, and introductions were complete, Stacy talked with all three dogs.

While each dog’s message deserves it’s own post, I’m going to do my best to give you the Reader’s Digest Version. Know that each dog provided very specific details that made it effortless for us to follow what they were trying to tell us.


Cooper: the oldest at 9 years old, just wanted some more 1×1 time with Travis, away from the energy of the other two. He also asked if we were moving, which was slightly confusing at first until we realized we had been telling him about our extended trip to Arizona in September. He ended with the statement that he didn’t want to take up much time talking about himself, so he passed the mic to Oliver.



Oliver: the middle at 4 years old, was much more talkative.

In-between requests for ball time (this dog lives and breathes for playing fetch), he talked about his gratitude for living with us (he originally lived with my brother) and his strong desire to protect me due to experiences I’ve had in the past, even though they occurred well before he was born. While I won’t go into specifics here, Stacy did provide very detailed information about those experiences that were above and beyond any generic message.

Oliver also reminded us that we hadn’t taken him “to the water” in a while, and promptly requested that we leave Bernie at home when we do so.


Bernie: the youngest at 2 years old, conveyed his struggle to acclimate to a world he’s never known and his sadness at not knowing what happened to his buddies. That was a particularly stunning moment for me. I have always pitied him for the conditions he had been living in and the lack of love he received. But really, Bernie hadn’t known any different and was instead missing the dogs he grew up with.

He went on to detail some things that he wished we would change, for instance, not having him in the kennel at night. He explained that he’s fearful of Cooper, who is the dominant dog in the pack, so Stacy explained to him that he needn’t be afraid of Cooper, that he’s got his back.

Travis also had a great experience talking with Barkley, who passed last year. Barkley confirmed that he had been ready to go, a relief to Travis who had battled with questioning if it had been his time. Barkley recounted some of his favorite memories and asked us to not move his collar from the shelf (his collar and toy sit on a shelf in our living room).



As we were winding down, I wanted to give Cooper another moment of focus, in case there was anything else that he wanted to address.

I expected him to talk about himself and his needs. Instead, he took the time to give me insights and encouragement.

He told me to believe in myself more, that I am more powerful than I know, and that I have to be better at protecting myself (energetically).

While these may sound generic to you, these are three things that I have struggled very deeply with in the past few months, and have talked about with Travis while at home.

Clearly, Cooper had been listening.

Cooper went on to talk about where my life was headed and how his physical symptoms are tied to imbalances within me. I was simply stunned.

But the real miracles happened after the appointment. Within seconds of hanging up, Bernie went to Cooper and laid down next to him. Touching! This is something that hadn’t happened since the struggle to figure out dominance had started.

We also took them to the dog park, so Oliver could get his water time and Bernie has been kennel-free for about a week now. The harmony in our house has increased substantially since working with Stacy, and for that we will be forever deeply and wholeheartedly grateful to her.

If you adopted one of the other 74 dogs that were rescued from the hoarding situation in Wisconsin Rapids in 2017, let us know how they’re doing! We’d love to be able to tell Bernie that his buddies are safe and protected!

Would you like to have a chat with your furry children? I highly recommend Stacy over at All Spirit Healing. To set up your appointment, visit her website, or give her a call:

Website: http://allspirithealing.com/animal-communication/

Phone: 414-460-4781

Email: skanimalz2@yahoo.com

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  1. This made me cry, I work at WHS and I remember Bernie! I love Stacy and have had sessions with her that have produced results that have absolutely changed the dynamic in the household with my animals and one cat in particular immediately has been almost an entirely different animal! As a matter of fact I am taking an animal class with her this morning and am on the journey to become a Reiki master which I plan to focus on animals and hopefully can take that to be of service at the shelter. You are right about Stacy and her vibe, I wouldn’t have probably been as open to the idea of an animal communicator with anyone else, and I found her when I was going through a very difficult time with a sick kitten. It warms my heart to hear that Bernie is in such a loving home that would go to this length to help him adjust and try to understand his needs. Thank you for adopting one of these sweet scared babies and for sharing this story, the staff will be thrilled when I pass this along! We really do think about y’all after you leave, please send us an update through our Facebook page or at companion@wihumane.org. 💜💜

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