Mr. Jones – The Basement Man

Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

*Names have been changed to protect privacy*

The basement is the one place in a house that many people get uncomfortable in, and I’m absolutely no different. However, last year, I had a very different basement experience.

For months, in the evening, I could smell tobacco being smoked in the basement. While I was taking showers downstairs, I could hear echoes of singing and music.

I usually have an excellent gauge of what’s happening in a space or room energetically, even during my “off” hours, when I’m not actively channeling. Because of this, I knew there was usually a man in the basement, but other times it felt busier, like there were multiple people filling the room.

One evening, while getting ready to set intentions for the full moon, and having just completed some meditation work, I passed by the basement stairs, and felt compelled to go back and look down.

There was a man standing at the bottom of the stairs, casually looking up at me. I was taken completely off guard. I could see him so clearly. Much clearer than any other “ghost” I had seen before. That clarity made me uneasy.

He had the demeanor of someone who had had a few drinks and was thoroughly enjoying himself. Looking back, I think he also looked amused.

The first thing I noticed was that he had an amber drink in one hand, swirling it gently. I could hear the soft clink of ice. The casual gesture helped me relax; this was clearly not a threatening man.

My eyes went next to what he was wearing: a vest, with a button down underneath, and a pair of slacks. I remember being impressed with his appearance. He clearly took pride in it.

So there we stood, just staring at each other. It felt like many minutes to me, however, I’m sure it was shorter than that. He gave me a warm, friendly smile. I saw his lips move, and heard off in the distance:

“I’m going to stay here for awhile. Over there,” as he pointed to the far corner of the basement.

Now, one would think that I would engage in a meaningful conversation with this man. Or, at the very least, ask some important questions, like “Who are you?” or “Why are you here?”

Instead, all I could think to say was “Okay then, good talk.”

And just like that he faded away.

I later recounted the experience and description to a friend who knew several of the neighbors. She shared the details of my story with another neighbor, who, with genuine surprise, responded with, “Well, yes, that sounds just like Mr. Jones. But he passed several years ago.”

Mr. Jones had lived in the house with his wife. Turns out, they loved to entertain, specifically in the basement, and he enjoyed his drinks on the rocks. He was also a smoker. And, his workbench was located in the far corner of the basement.

For many years, before I started tarot reading, channeling, and energy work, I was terrified of any “ghostly” experience. They happened around me frequently, but I felt so out of control, threatened, and singled out that I desperately wished for them to stop.

What I didn’t realize is that, most of the time, there’s absolutely nothing to be sacred of. Most “ghosts” are not out to scare you; they just want your attention. So now, especially because I’m steeped in Spirit, I rarely have a fear reaction to Spirits that wander into the house. They still catch me off guard from time-to-time, but I can feel their desire to be acknowledged and interacted with.

Mr. Jones still resides in the basement, sometimes making it smell like tobacco, other times you can hear the music that he must have played during one of his many basement soirées. I’ve grown quite fond of having his presence around.

Let the record show, some basements are just used to keep the party going, even after death.

What do you think of Mr. Jones? Share your thoughts below!

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