Houses Within Houses

*Story is shared with permission and names have been changed to protect privacy*

Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of clearing your space. But, what if you were clearing a space that had been changed so dramatically that, energetically, it didn’t even have the same layout?

My friend Mary reached out to me because she and her family were experiencing unsettling activity in and around their home. They were unable to find important items, because the items had been moved. On one occasion, it sounded like someone had come into the house, but no one was there. Hair was being tugged, and they were experiencing the feeling of being watched.

Upon arriving, I received a tour of the property. Outside, I felt two main hot spots, which indicate that the energy is significantly different than the surrounding area, or a spirit is present. The first was underneath the barn (which turned out to have a lot of the original stalls) and the second further out, beyond the property lines.

Inside, I heard the stories, and was shown the rooms that the family felt most uncomfortable in. One room in particular, which I believe was used as guest room, no one liked sleeping in because they felt like there was always someone in there with them.

There ended up being three noticeable spirits on the property. One was attached (for whatever reason) to an antique mirror in the guest room. This individual didn’t wander too far from the mirror, which meant they couldn’t be causing issues in other areas of the house, but definitely explained the feeling that someone was always in the room with you.

The second spirit was a child that appeared to hang around in the barn and the kitchen. I suspected that this childish spirit was the one responsible for hiding items and tugging on hair.

The third spirit, let’s name him James for this recounting, was a bit more devious. James hung around upstairs, moving from room to room. I got the distinct impression that he intently watched those that lived in the house.

With that information, I set out to clear the house. Starting first with sage and chanting, I tuned in to the energy of the house so that I would know how to best clear it. Only, the house felt different. Energetically, it was not the house I was physically standing in. The stairs were in the middle of a bedroom. Hallways appeared to hover over the existing stairs. James was walking around like walls were non-existent.

Very confused, I turned to Mary and she explained that the house had undergone many transformations. Throughout the years the house had been physically moved, suffered extensive fire damage and remodeled. It’s no wonder then, that energetically the house had stairs in the bedroom!

Armed with that knowledge, I was able to easily track where James was in the house, and made a plan for both keeping him at bay, and the long term energetic maintenance of the space, using sage and holy water.

Let this be a potent example: there’s a whole other world of energy out there – houses within houses of it.

Have you had weird experiences in your home? I want to read about it! Comment below!

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