*Story is shared with permission and names have been changed to protect privacy*

You’re about to get a sneak peak at what it’s like to be a spirit channel living a very human experience.

Recently Travis (my fiancé) and I decided we were ready to move. Once the decision was made, the 3 perfect houses showed up within days.

Provided that the energy of a home and the land it sits on will have a significant impact on both my personal and professional life, I had to asses each home energetically.

But how to explain that to the realtor? I debated sugar coating, to ease what could be a slightly awkward conversation, but ended up opting for blunt.

And to my surprise, they not only understood the need, but had an interest in spirituality and energetics. I LOVE how the universe matches us with the perfect people!

We had 3 houses we were interested in. One was relatively clear. The land was thirsty for some love as it had been neglected (both physically and energetically), so a thorough land blessing would be needed. But the house was clear of any spirits and mostly clear of any challenging energetic imprints (the energy leftover from the previous owners).

The second house had a female spirit upstairs. She told me that she was disappointed the family was moving, as she had gotten used to them. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t mind my moving in, so long as there would eventually be kids in the house. There was also a man upstairs who appeared to be quite content just existing in the house. Neither of these spirits worried me. And I don’t recall the land’s energy feeling any sort of way.

The third house, however, was the most active. The land gave me goosebumps (which is a good thing). It was as if I could finally relax. I was THRILLED at the potential of it being my backyard. Inside, however, was another story. This spirit, who I suspected had some sort of cognition challenge, gave me a very uneasy feeling in my gut. He moved to another room every time I tried to connect with him and made it clear that he didn’t like me in his space. And when I drew cards for him, it was chalk full of challenging energy. I believe his name to be Jonathan.

One might think that this meant that this was not the house for me. On the contrary, Travis, fell in love with the house the moment he stepped onto the property.

One night, I decided that we needed to do a reading for each house, with the intention of knowing how each property would fit into our lives. I would do it blind – meaning that Travis would put the intention of each house into the cards and I would read the cards that were dealt without knowing which cards belonged to which house. This way, I could ensure that I remained objective.

And you know what? Only ONE house stood out. I even asked for Travis to lay a yes/no card for each house, and, again, only ONE house received a yes.

It was the house where Jonathan resides.

Putting in an offer on the house the very next day, I set out to make a game plan to work with Jonathan. I contacted a medium friend and a shaman teacher. Knowing that I was nervous about moving into a home with a spirit who appeared to not appreciate my presence, I needed the support of colleagues.

The medium explained to me that he indeed did have some mental challenges, and that he didn’t fully understand that he had passed from the physical world. It was disconcerting to him that his property was being changed, and didn’t appreciate that we had openly discussed the changes we were going to make upon moving in. She also mentioned that he was looking for something or someone outside that was no longer there. She explained that, although interaction was needed to help him understand the happenings around him, that he was not an ill-willed spirit; Simply confused and frustrated. She suggested that I give him a job to do, preferably outside, to help him feel purpose.

My shaman teacher will be helping me to perform a land blessing and to help him move on, if he’s ready by the time we move in. She suggested I use a “holding crystal” as a restorative, safe place for Jonathan to exist until we are able to move him on.

I have been to the house twice since working with Jonathan, and there’s already a noticeable difference in his demeanor. He no longer paced from room to room, avoiding me. I didn’t feel his glare on me. He still felt a bit shy, but the shy has shifted from frustrated confusion to curiosity.

Jonathan is the perfect example of why we must approach Spirit with understanding and love: you never know what the other side of the story is.

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