Spirit will let us know we are in particularly good alignment with our life path by showing us unbelievable synchronicities.

As many of you have seen, at the beginning of the year, I offer 2018 Power Animal Outlooks. I also do this reading for myself.

I did my reading on New Years Eve, followed by an intention and meditation session to integrate the energies for the new year. This year, my January power animal is Turkey. I spent about an hour reading about Turkey energy and reflecting on what resonated most about the messages.

This energy can be summed up as “giveaway” – a request that I focus on welcoming gifts into my life, and also focus on service to my family and community this month.

Turkey also announces that there are gifts coming my way – a lesson for me to work on my ability to receive. I love to give to my family, friends, and clients, but I find it challenging to accept kindness in return.

The next day, I had a meeting scheduled with a colleague, who is also one of my favorite shamans. She walks into my office and hands me a beautiful smudging wand, gifting it to me.

A smudging wand is a tool made up of a handle, usually made of wood, feather or multiple feathers, and adornments based on the energy of the wand.

This particular smudging wand has a birch wood handle wrapped in copper and blue crystals. Connected to the handle is two feathers.

Two turkey feathers.

I was completely blown away. Even though my life revolves around Spirit, this kind of synchronicity never gets old for me. Not only did I receive turkey feathers, it was in the form of a gift, on the first day of the new year, and on the first day of the month that Turkey had offered to work with me.

It’s also a perfect example of what Turkey stands for. In Native American beliefs, Turkey is revered for it’s willingness to sacrifice it’s own life, or giveaway, in order to sustain and feed the greater good. And here turkey was, giving me it’s feathers, to help me know it’s with me this month.

This is exactly why I’ve devoted my life’s work to Spirit. When we show up to work alongside Spirit, which includes power animals, miracles are inevitable. You begin to acknowledge that we are unconditionally supported and loved.
But it requires that we be willing to do the self-work. In the case of power animals, it requires that we take time to get to know the animals that are wanting to work with us and recognize the parts of ourselves that they can help us nurture and heal.

And that’s why I offer the 2018 Power Animal Outlooks.

I challenge you to find your animal ally that’s going to help you this month, whether it be a power animal or one of your birth totems, and commit to working with them for the month of January. Get to know their message, reflect on their teachings, and allow their energy to participate in your life.

Tell me about the most amazing synchronicity in your life! Comment below!

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