About Bobbi

Bobbi has been interested in, and a magnet for, the unseen from a very early age. Her family often joked that if Bobbi was around, then the “ghosts” were around too.

She spent her early twenties exploring western medicine and anthropology while working in disability and life insurance when a four car accident in 2012 reset her life path. After her world of western medicine wasn’t able to heal the injuries, she was introduced to alternative therapies. She quickly became immersed in essential oils and acupuncture, as each modality healed her in ways she never expected. Several years later, after another life-changing experience in Arizona, she was reconnected to her unique communication channel to the spiritual realm.

Bobbi, now 26, is a certified Level III Reiki Practitioner with additional certifications in Japanese reiki and advanced chakra healing, a gifted tarot reader, and founder of The Sacred Spiral.  She is dedicated to helping others, like you, embrace their own life path and hearts desires.