About Bobbi

From a very early age Bobbi has been drawn to, and a magnet for, the unseen. Her family often joked that if Bobbi was around, then the “ghosts” were around too. Despite that early awareness, it took a four-car accident in 2012 for Bobbi to begin exploring her true path and open her communication lines with Spirit.

Seeking relief for her injuries, Bobbi was introduced to the healing effects of essential oils and acupuncture. After experiencing the benefits of these holistic treatments, she immersed herself in learning more about alternative therapies and how to channel her own healing energy to benefit others.

After another life-changing experience in Arizona, Bobbi was reconnected with her unique communication channel to the spiritual realm.

With a true desire to use her abilities to help others, Bobbi moved away from a corporate lifestyle and is now an experienced tarot reader, and holds certifications in Level III reiki, Japanese reiki, advanced chakra healing and Shamanic healing. Her treatments blend traditional Japanese reiki methods with ancient shamanic practices, and a variety of energetic tools (singing bowls, chanting, crystals and Palo Santo to name a few).

Dedicated to helping others serve their highest self, Bobbi has a passion to help guide you with the healing energy or personal messages you need to embrace your own life path and discover just how powerful you are.