*Story is shared with permission and names have been changed to protect privacy*

You’re about to get a sneak peak at what it’s like to be a spirit channel living a very human experience.

Recently Travis (my fiancé) and I decided we were ready to move. Once the decision was made, the 3 perfect houses showed up within days.

Provided that the energy of a home and the land it sits on will have a significant impact on both my personal and professional life, I had to asses each home energetically.

But how to explain that to the realtor? I debated sugar coating, to ease what could be a slightly awkward conversation, but ended up opting for blunt.

And to my surprise, they not only understood the need, but had an interest in spirituality and energetics. I LOVE how the universe matches us with the perfect people!

We had 3 houses we were interested in. One was relatively clear. The land was thirsty for some love as it had been neglected (both physically and energetically), so a thorough land blessing would be needed. But the house was clear of any spirits and mostly clear of any challenging energetic imprints (the energy leftover from the previous owners).

The second house had a female spirit upstairs. She told me that she was disappointed the family was moving, as she had gotten used to them. She also mentioned that she wouldn’t mind my moving in, so long as there would eventually be kids in the house. There was also a man upstairs who appeared to be quite content just existing in the house. Neither of these spirits worried me. And I don’t recall the land’s energy feeling any sort of way.

The third house, however, was the most active. The land gave me goosebumps (which is a good thing). It was as if I could finally relax. I was THRILLED at the potential of it being my backyard. Inside, however, was another story. This spirit, who I suspected had some sort of cognition challenge, gave me a very uneasy feeling in my gut. He moved to another room every time I tried to connect with him and made it clear that he didn’t like me in his space. And when I drew cards for him, it was chalk full of challenging energy. I believe his name to be Jonathan.

One might think that this meant that this was not the house for me. On the contrary, Travis, fell in love with the house the moment he stepped onto the property.

One night, I decided that we needed to do a reading for each house, with the intention of knowing how each property would fit into our lives. I would do it blind – meaning that Travis would put the intention of each house into the cards and I would read the cards that were dealt without knowing which cards belonged to which house. This way, I could ensure that I remained objective.

And you know what? Only ONE house stood out. I even asked for Travis to lay a yes/no card for each house, and, again, only ONE house received a yes.

It was the house where Jonathan resides.

Putting in an offer on the house the very next day, I set out to make a game plan to work with Jonathan. I contacted a medium friend and a shaman teacher. Knowing that I was nervous about moving into a home with a spirit who appeared to not appreciate my presence, I needed the support of colleagues.

The medium explained to me that he indeed did have some mental challenges, and that he didn’t fully understand that he had passed from the physical world. It was disconcerting to him that his property was being changed, and didn’t appreciate that we had openly discussed the changes we were going to make upon moving in. She also mentioned that he was looking for something or someone outside that was no longer there. She explained that, although interaction was needed to help him understand the happenings around him, that he was not an ill-willed spirit; Simply confused and frustrated. She suggested that I give him a job to do, preferably outside, to help him feel purpose.

My shaman teacher will be helping me to perform a land blessing and to help him move on, if he’s ready by the time we move in. She suggested I use a “holding crystal” as a restorative, safe place for Jonathan to exist until we are able to move him on.

I have been to the house twice since working with Jonathan, and there’s already a noticeable difference in his demeanor. He no longer paced from room to room, avoiding me. I didn’t feel his glare on me. He still felt a bit shy, but the shy has shifted from frustrated confusion to curiosity.

Jonathan is the perfect example of why we must approach Spirit with understanding and love: you never know what the other side of the story is.

Houses Within Houses

*Story is shared with permission and names have been changed to protect privacy*

Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of clearing your space. But, what if you were clearing a space that had been changed so dramatically that, energetically, it didn’t even have the same layout?

My friend Mary reached out to me because she and her family were experiencing unsettling activity in and around their home. They were unable to find important items, because the items had been moved. On one occasion, it sounded like someone had come into the house, but no one was there. Hair was being tugged, and they were experiencing the feeling of being watched.

Upon arriving, I received a tour of the property. Outside, I felt two main hot spots, which indicate that the energy is significantly different than the surrounding area, or a spirit is present. The first was underneath the barn (which turned out to have a lot of the original stalls) and the second further out, beyond the property lines.

Inside, I heard the stories, and was shown the rooms that the family felt most uncomfortable in. One room in particular, which I believe was used as guest room, no one liked sleeping in because they felt like there was always someone in there with them.

There ended up being three noticeable spirits on the property. One was attached (for whatever reason) to an antique mirror in the guest room. This individual didn’t wander too far from the mirror, which meant they couldn’t be causing issues in other areas of the house, but definitely explained the feeling that someone was always in the room with you.

The second spirit was a child that appeared to hang around in the barn and the kitchen. I suspected that this childish spirit was the one responsible for hiding items and tugging on hair.

The third spirit, let’s name him James for this recounting, was a bit more devious. James hung around upstairs, moving from room to room. I got the distinct impression that he intently watched those that lived in the house.

With that information, I set out to clear the house. Starting first with sage and chanting, I tuned in to the energy of the house so that I would know how to best clear it. Only, the house felt different. Energetically, it was not the house I was physically standing in. The stairs were in the middle of a bedroom. Hallways appeared to hover over the existing stairs. James was walking around like walls were non-existent.

Very confused, I turned to Mary and she explained that the house had undergone many transformations. Throughout the years the house had been physically moved, suffered extensive fire damage and remodeled. It’s no wonder then, that energetically the house had stairs in the bedroom!

Armed with that knowledge, I was able to easily track where James was in the house, and made a plan for both keeping him at bay, and the long term energetic maintenance of the space, using sage and holy water.

Let this be a potent example: there’s a whole other world of energy out there – houses within houses of it.

Have you had weird experiences in your home? I want to read about it! Comment below!


Let me start by saying that I originally planned on recounting a very different experience than what you’ll read below. This week’s post is very, very close to my heart. I got goosebumps remembering all the details. It wasn’t a story I planned on sharing, but after typing it out, I understand now why you need to read it.

Growing up, it was the (uncomfortable) joke in the family that when I was around, the ghosts were too. I’ve always been a magnet for spirits. As a child, I didn’t understand this. I had experiences that I didn’t understand and, at times, frightened me.

During my early teen years, my mom and I moved to be closer to my grandparents, which I loved as I was very close to both of them. Grandma ALWAYS had cookies, and Grandpa always put a smile on my face.

My grandpa was the first person to tell me not to be afraid of the things I saw. On one particular occasion, I had just walked into the finished lower level of my grandparent’s house when I saw a man sitting in the chair, watching me. I was terrified. I ran up the stairs, went straight to my grandfather’s room and anxiously recounted to him what I saw.

My grandfather smiled and said, “Oh, that’s just the man that visits me from time-to-time, you don’t need to be afraid of him. I bet he wants to talk to you.”

“No way, Grandpa. I’ll never do that.” I had responded with certainty. Cleary, I had no idea what was in store for me at the time, but I like to think that my grandfather did.

While my grandfather was always someone I could talk to, I find myself wishing now I would have known while he was alive that we shared the gift of being able to see and hear the spirits around us.

When he fell ill and was in the hospital, someone in the family mentioned that Grandpa kept talking about how the man would visit him with Darcy (a family dog that was beloved by many).

Towards the end of his life, after he had fallen into a coma, my mom took me to visit him to say goodbye. Before we got there, she spent time explaining to me that he wouldn’t respond, but that he would hear me. I remember not totally understanding what she meant, but that I was excited to see my grandfather.

We went into his room, and right to his bedside. My mom briefly said hello to him, then stepped out to use the bathroom.

I wasn’t sure what to say or do, so I just looked at him. It was a calm moment.

Then, without warning, he opened his eyes and looked at me. I remember thinking that his eyes looked different, and that it was like he was looking through me, not at me.

He started talking then, clearly, and without any indication that anything was bothering him.

“Don’t be scared. I’m okay. Take care of your mother. Take care of each other. Don’t be scared.”

“Grandpa, Mom’s here. You can tell her.” At this point I started calling my mom, assuming she’d be happy that Grandpa was awake. She came out of the bathroom, walked a couple steps towards me, and I could see the surprise on her face. I vaguely remember her saying something to him, then running out to get the doctors. He hadn’t talked to her, he continued to only address me.

When she left the room, he smiled at me, I smiled at him, then he shut his eyes once again.

That was the last time I saw my grandfather. He died weeks later. The doctors could never find an explanation as to why he was able to speak to me that day.

He visits everyone in the family every now and then in our dreams, showing us that he’s happy, healthy, and always with us. And, on occassion, will interrupt a reading to get his message across.

In one instance, I had been sitting in on a reading that a close friend of mine was giving my finacé. Grandpa interrupted to tell my finacé that he approves, and that he wanted him to know how special I am.

And, only a few months ago, during a reading I was giving for a medium, Grandpa insisted on interrupting her reading so she could talk for him. “He’s so proud of you,” she told me.

I asked why, a little confused. Nothing notable had happened in my life.

“Because,” he had said, “You’re not scared anymore. You’ve finally embraced your gift.”

Were you moved by my grandpa? Share your grandpa story below!

Mr. Jones – The Basement Man

Photo by Simon Wijers on Unsplash

*Names have been changed to protect privacy*

The basement is the one place in a house that many people get uncomfortable in, and I’m absolutely no different. However, last year, I had a very different basement experience.

For months, in the evening, I could smell tobacco being smoked in the basement. While I was taking showers downstairs, I could hear echoes of singing and music.

I usually have an excellent gauge of what’s happening in a space or room energetically, even during my “off” hours, when I’m not actively channeling. Because of this, I knew there was usually a man in the basement, but other times it felt busier, like there were multiple people filling the room.

One evening, while getting ready to set intentions for the full moon, and having just completed some meditation work, I passed by the basement stairs, and felt compelled to go back and look down.

There was a man standing at the bottom of the stairs, casually looking up at me. I was taken completely off guard. I could see him so clearly. Much clearer than any other “ghost” I had seen before. That clarity made me uneasy.

He had the demeanor of someone who had had a few drinks and was thoroughly enjoying himself. Looking back, I think he also looked amused.

The first thing I noticed was that he had an amber drink in one hand, swirling it gently. I could hear the soft clink of ice. The casual gesture helped me relax; this was clearly not a threatening man.

My eyes went next to what he was wearing: a vest, with a button down underneath, and a pair of slacks. I remember being impressed with his appearance. He clearly took pride in it.

So there we stood, just staring at each other. It felt like many minutes to me, however, I’m sure it was shorter than that. He gave me a warm, friendly smile. I saw his lips move, and heard off in the distance:

“I’m going to stay here for awhile. Over there,” as he pointed to the far corner of the basement.

Now, one would think that I would engage in a meaningful conversation with this man. Or, at the very least, ask some important questions, like “Who are you?” or “Why are you here?”

Instead, all I could think to say was “Okay then, good talk.”

And just like that he faded away.

I later recounted the experience and description to a friend who knew several of the neighbors. She shared the details of my story with another neighbor, who, with genuine surprise, responded with, “Well, yes, that sounds just like Mr. Jones. But he passed several years ago.”

Mr. Jones had lived in the house with his wife. Turns out, they loved to entertain, specifically in the basement, and he enjoyed his drinks on the rocks. He was also a smoker. And, his workbench was located in the far corner of the basement.

For many years, before I started tarot reading, channeling, and energy work, I was terrified of any “ghostly” experience. They happened around me frequently, but I felt so out of control, threatened, and singled out that I desperately wished for them to stop.

What I didn’t realize is that, most of the time, there’s absolutely nothing to be sacred of. Most “ghosts” are not out to scare you; they just want your attention. So now, especially because I’m steeped in Spirit, I rarely have a fear reaction to Spirits that wander into the house. They still catch me off guard from time-to-time, but I can feel their desire to be acknowledged and interacted with.

Mr. Jones still resides in the basement, sometimes making it smell like tobacco, other times you can hear the music that he must have played during one of his many basement soirées. I’ve grown quite fond of having his presence around.

Let the record show, some basements are just used to keep the party going, even after death.

What do you think of Mr. Jones? Share your thoughts below!


*Some names have been changed to protect privacy*

Part of the joy of being a spirit channel is that seeing and hearing Spirit comes naturally to me. It takes a lot of the guess work out of translating messages, either in readings or in encounters with Spirit. However, from time-to-time, there will be a spirit that chooses to stay elusive – I’m not able to hear or see them.One such spirit has been creating some shenanigans in my home for about a month.

Now, provided that I’m in the work of helping people talk with and live alongside Spirit, I welcome to my home spirits that may need my services. This means that there’s usually something, or someone, in the house. It comes with the territory.

Contrary to popular belief, most spirits don’t necessarily cause chaos in the house. Many just need someone to tell their story to. So when this new spirit came into my home, started moving things, AND I couldn’t see them, my curiosity peeked.

We started to experience a variety of oddities around the house. A picture fell off the wall, with no apparent reason. A canvas fell off a shelf, with no logical explanation. Doors closed (not slammed), with no windows open. Each time, I could feel the playful energy behind the occurrences. However, whoever they were, they wouldn’t allow me to see them.

Now, this kind of activity is something I’m used to. My fiancé on the other hand, is not. Prior to his first reading with me, he was a through and through skeptic, and he still approaches every situation that happens in our home as explainable.

Until a couple months ago.

My fiancé had just gotten out of bed, and was on the couch. I was startled awake at the sound of something crashing down. I looked next to me and realized he wasn’t in bed. Getting slightly worried, I called out for him.

“Travis are you okay?!”

“I’m fine! What the hell was that?!” he responded.

Knowing that neither of us were injured, the search began for the cause of what we heard. All the dogs were accounted for, the spare bedroom was undisturbed, as was the kitchen.

That left the only room in the house that has the door closed at all times – my home office. Our youngest dog has a tendency to play with my tarot cards, so I keep the office closed when I’m not in the room.

Travis went inside, and immediately saw the culprit: my Indian singing bowl had been knocked down and turned upside down. The pillow that it sits on, however, hadn’t moved an inch. Travis went through his list of logical explanations, each one making less and less sense.

Once again, I could feel the residual energy left from the spirit that knocked the bowl over, but was again unable to identify who it was, this time because the incident happened while I was still asleep.

This spirit continues to be elusive to this day. I have my suspicions about who it is, but I’ll be patient. I don’t have any interest in forcing them to talk with me. I trust that when they are ready to talk, they’ll formally introduce themselves.

Have you experienced an elusive spirit? Share your experience below!

Look Who’s Talking Now

It never occurred to me that my dogs hear and see everything. I know they’re incredibly insightful (just look in their eyes!), but I never connected the dots: That the dogs may have insights about me.

Shortly after being taken from the hoarding situation, Bernie was featured on the WI Humane Society’s news page.

My fiancé, Travis, and I recently brought home a dog, Bernie, that was removed from a hoarding situation and has given us a

run for our money. He had taught us a lot about being rescue dog parents and we were making some progress with his fear behaviors, but he still had some lingering insecurities and quirks that we wanted to understand better.

Cue Stacy Krafczyk, founder of All Spirit Healing.

With all the energetic/spirit channels that I work with, I only go to those that give me “good feels” when I see their picture. And when I saw Stacy’s picture, I immediately got the good vibes.

Appointment made.

Per her instructions, I sent her pictures of Travis and I and all three dogs in addition to Travis’ dog that passed last year with their names and ages. I had also given her a brief low-down on Bernie’s history.

As we all anxiously awaited her phone call, two humans and three dogs piled onto the couch, the three dogs were uncharacteristically calm. Even when the mail lady walked up, which is usually a chaos spurring moment, they peacefully slept.

Once the appointment started, and introductions were complete, Stacy talked with all three dogs.

While each dog’s message deserves it’s own post, I’m going to do my best to give you the Reader’s Digest Version. Know that each dog provided very specific details that made it effortless for us to follow what they were trying to tell us.


Cooper: the oldest at 9 years old, just wanted some more 1×1 time with Travis, away from the energy of the other two. He also asked if we were moving, which was slightly confusing at first until we realized we had been telling him about our extended trip to Arizona in September. He ended with the statement that he didn’t want to take up much time talking about himself, so he passed the mic to Oliver.



Oliver: the middle at 4 years old, was much more talkative.

In-between requests for ball time (this dog lives and breathes for playing fetch), he talked about his gratitude for living with us (he originally lived with my brother) and his strong desire to protect me due to experiences I’ve had in the past, even though they occurred well before he was born. While I won’t go into specifics here, Stacy did provide very detailed information about those experiences that were above and beyond any generic message.

Oliver also reminded us that we hadn’t taken him “to the water” in a while, and promptly requested that we leave Bernie at home when we do so.


Bernie: the youngest at 2 years old, conveyed his struggle to acclimate to a world he’s never known and his sadness at not knowing what happened to his buddies. That was a particularly stunning moment for me. I have always pitied him for the conditions he had been living in and the lack of love he received. But really, Bernie hadn’t known any different and was instead missing the dogs he grew up with.

He went on to detail some things that he wished we would change, for instance, not having him in the kennel at night. He explained that he’s fearful of Cooper, who is the dominant dog in the pack, so Stacy explained to him that he needn’t be afraid of Cooper, that he’s got his back.

Travis also had a great experience talking with Barkley, who passed last year. Barkley confirmed that he had been ready to go, a relief to Travis who had battled with questioning if it had been his time. Barkley recounted some of his favorite memories and asked us to not move his collar from the shelf (his collar and toy sit on a shelf in our living room).



As we were winding down, I wanted to give Cooper another moment of focus, in case there was anything else that he wanted to address.

I expected him to talk about himself and his needs. Instead, he took the time to give me insights and encouragement.

He told me to believe in myself more, that I am more powerful than I know, and that I have to be better at protecting myself (energetically).

While these may sound generic to you, these are three things that I have struggled very deeply with in the past few months, and have talked about with Travis while at home.

Clearly, Cooper had been listening.

Cooper went on to talk about where my life was headed and how his physical symptoms are tied to imbalances within me. I was simply stunned.

But the real miracles happened after the appointment. Within seconds of hanging up, Bernie went to Cooper and laid down next to him. Touching! This is something that hadn’t happened since the struggle to figure out dominance had started.

We also took them to the dog park, so Oliver could get his water time and Bernie has been kennel-free for about a week now. The harmony in our house has increased substantially since working with Stacy, and for that we will be forever deeply and wholeheartedly grateful to her.

If you adopted one of the other 74 dogs that were rescued from the hoarding situation in Wisconsin Rapids in 2017, let us know how they’re doing! We’d love to be able to tell Bernie that his buddies are safe and protected!

Would you like to have a chat with your furry children? I highly recommend Stacy over at All Spirit Healing. To set up your appointment, visit her website, or give her a call:


Phone: 414-460-4781


Protection Meditation

Many of us struggle on a day-to-day basis with separating ourselves from whatever negativity is floating around us. Moreover, the negativity isn’t always immediately noticeable to us, making it even harder to protect ourselves from it.

However, each and every one of us has the ability to cleanse and deflect the energy that doesn’t serve us or our day.

Below is a very short, informal meditation that can be used whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. Feeling anxious? Try this meditation. Feeling angry at your computer? Do this meditation. Feeling overwhelmed with all the office gossip? Turn this meditation on. You get the gist. Bookmark this meditation for whenever you’re feeling a little off and need a reset.

How do you feel? What was your experience? I’d love to hear in your comments below!


What do you do
when she’s itching to get out?

Moaning and yearning to be released

She haunts your every inaction
Highlights your every worry

She’s always nagging
Pushing for greatness
Pulling for better

You love what she stands for
You hate that she’s separate

Why can’t she be me?
Why can’t I be her?
Why won’t she set me free?

But what if
she isn’t separate?

What if
She’s your soul
Your essence
Calling you home?

What if she’s your warrioress?
Inspiring you past inaction
Striking down your worry

What if she’s your passion’s fire?
Always reminding you of your greatness
Your divinity
Your strength
Shedding light on those hidden parts the you fear
But that make you beautifully imperfect

What if she is the Universe
the entire Universe
Seeping through your every pore

What if
by loving what she stands for
You’re loving who you are

What if
By hating her separation from you
You become aware of your separation
from your heart

What if she isn’t she at all
What if she
Is really you?

Introduce Yourself To Your Spirit Guides & Totems

One of the most common questions I get asked is this:

Do I have spirit guides?

Absolutely! Everyone has spirit guides (and totems).

“But how do I talk to them?”

Your spirit guides and totems are just like every other relationship in your life. It takes intention and effort to nurture the relationship and learn communication styles.

This meditation serves as an introduction to talking with your spirit guides and totems. It may take several tries before this process becomes easy for you, but practice makes perfect when it comes to receiving messages. They want to talk with you just as much as you want to talk with them.

Have questions about how to communicate? Leave them below!



Through the Eyes of a Tarot Reader

Ever wonder what it’s like to see through the eyes of a tarot reader?

I tell all of my clients that one of my goals is to demystify energy work. It’s my belief that it becomes more approachable for you after I explain the “mechanics” behind what I do. Which is ultimately what I want to do for you: empower you to discover that you are everything you need to succeed.

While I can’t speak for every tarot reader – we’re about as diverse as they come – I can tell you about what it’s like for me to do a tarot reading for you.

Let me start from the beginning…

I’m at my office or reading space about 45 minutes before you arrive so I can prep the space, making it a safe haven for the reading. Once there, I’m looking for (and sensing) any spirits or energies that need to exit the premises.

As an energy worker of any kind, you need to have an internal dictionary of what different feelings, images, and sensations mean. It’s not always as easy as just ‘seeing’ what’s there (although it makes my life much easier when I can just see what I’m working with).

For instance, I may walk into a room and immediately feel intensely anxious, with every hair on my body standing straight up. I know this is either some stagnant negative energy that needs to be cleared or a very nervous spirit that doesn’t know what to make of me.

Just as likely, I may walk into a room and see “someone” wandering around, just as startled to see me as I am to see them.

Both scenarios are equally as likely in my life and in my work.

Once I know what I’m dealing with, I clear the space of everything that doesn’t need to be there. I get the best results from using some sort of clearing agent (such as sage or a purification spray) in combination with a singing bowl. The combination of the two loosens up and releases any energy that doesn’t serve my work (or you). It’s also going to raise the vibration of the room which makes communicating with your guides and angels infinitely easier for everyone involved.

Once the space is clear of negativity and non-essential spirits, I call in the big guns to protect the room for the duration of my day: Archangel Michael. I ask him to keep the space pure and prevent anything that doesn’t serve the highest good from approaching or entering the space.

Angels have always been more of a challenge for me to connect with than guides/spirits. They often times make my ears ring intensely before I can make out the message. I equate it to me being tuned into a different frequency. You know, when you’re switching radio stations (manually) and you know you’re getting close because you can kind of hear the voices of the station hosts? It’s kinda like that.

Next, I cleanse and prepare myself because, contrary to some belief, tarot readers are human too. We have bad days and life challenges. The key however is to clear ourselves of our personal struggles while we’re channeling for your reading. Depending on the size of crabby pants I have on for the day, this can take just a few seconds (life is good!) to ten minutes.

Once you come into the office, get comfy, and have a seat across from me, I call in your guides, angels, or anything else that serves your highest good that wants to talk with you.

There’s a very specific feeling that I wait for to know that I’m “half-in-half-out”.  In other words, the feeling that signifies that I’m half on their side (the guides and angels) and half with you. The best way to describe this feeling is to imagine half of your body is floating in water while the other half remains on land. My arms and hands will feel like they’re floating, but I’ll still feel my feet on the floor. My third eye opens, and I see various images or colors that serve as confirmation that the channel has been opened.

So for those of you that have had a reading with me, do you remember when I ask you to close your eyes and breath deeply while I call in the angels and guides? Then there’s a momentary silence before I tell you we can begin? That’s the moment I’m waiting for that “open-channel” feeling.

That’s when the fun begins. Your guides will show me how they want me to lay out the cards. It’s very much like seeing very faint pieces of white tissue paper where the cards need to be laid down. There’s been a couple of instances where guides have given me an image of the spread through my third eye as well.

As I lay down the cards, I start to see how the energy flows between them. That energy looks a lot like mini rivers flowing between the cards and is my first clue as to what kind of reading it’s going to be.

After all the cards are laid out, there’s usually one that stands out, either by looking physically different or by pulling my attention to it. People often ask me how something can “pull” my focus. I can’t tell you how (because I don’t know for sure), but I can tell you that I have very little control over where my eyeballs focus. I HAVE to look at it. It’s a very odd sensation, and hard to put into words.

From here, I get your messages in a variety of different ways. It all depends on how you need to hear and receive the information.

I may see it: Sometimes your guides and angels will show themselves to me for identification. When this happens, I don’t see them like I see you. They are set in the background, almost as if they are behind a translucent curtain. If they decide to speak to me directly, it’s like trying to hold a conversation underwater. Although that does get easier the longer I stay connected to them.

They may also show me aspects of their messages, such as a place, person, or object. To perceive these images feels like trying to focus on a memory of a dream.

I may feel it: As a reader, I have to accept the fact that feelings are not my own when I’m reading your cards. I have felt the emotions of a drug addict, the frustration of a physically disabled body, and the confusion of someone struggling to cope with mental illness. Although sometimes jarring to the senses, this helps me connect to you on a deeper level when I’m energetically put into your shoes.

The cards are just my starting point to your reading. They are my tour guide, if you will. They give me an energy to tap into, so that you’re guides and angels may better communicate with me whatever it is you need to hear.

And no two readings are the same, and messages are always being delivered to me in new ways. For the longest time I explained to my clients that I’m not a medium, and won’t be able to incorporate mediumship into a reading. Well, as many of you know, that had to go out the window. As my connection became stronger and encompassed more energy channels, different kinds of energies started to come through. So, while I still hold that mediumship isn’t my immediate forte, I do have the occasional relative on the other side happy to participate in my readings.

This is also the reason that I tell my clients before a reading that the only limiting factor I enforce is that whatever energy wants to participate in the session must be working for your highest good, and only your highest good.

After my last client of the day has left, I take time to sit in deep, bursting gratitude. I thank everyone and everything that had a role in making the day successful, and for working along side me in service. This may be one of my favorite parts, actually: feeling the support and love that is always with me and that’s always with you.

I love what I do. It’s so dynamic and always changing. I never know what my next reading is going to look (or feel like) and I learn just as much from my clients (you!) as they learn from my cards.

So, if you ask me what it’s like to see through my eyes, I’d tell you the answer is simple: I see you and I see them. And we are much closer to each other than you think.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about my favorite readings that were chalk full of giggles, tears, and shocking moments. I can’t wait to share these with you!

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