Look Who’s Talking Now

It never occurred to me that my dogs hear and see everything. I know they’re incredibly insightful (just look in their eyes!), but I never connected the dots: That the dogs may have insights about me.

Shortly after being taken from the hoarding situation, Bernie was featured on the WI Humane Society’s news page.

My fiancé, Travis, and I recently brought home a dog, Bernie, that was removed from a hoarding situation and has given us a

run for our money. He had taught us a lot about being rescue dog parents and we were making some progress with his fear behaviors, but he still had some lingering insecurities and quirks that we wanted to understand better.

Cue Stacy Krafczyk, founder of All Spirit Healing.

With all the energetic/spirit channels that I work with, I only go to those that give me “good feels” when I see their picture. And when I saw Stacy’s picture, I immediately got the good vibes.

Appointment made.

Per her instructions, I sent her pictures of Travis and I and all three dogs in addition to Travis’ dog that passed last year with their names and ages. I had also given her a brief low-down on Bernie’s history.

As we all anxiously awaited her phone call, two humans and three dogs piled onto the couch, the three dogs were uncharacteristically calm. Even when the mail lady walked up, which is usually a chaos spurring moment, they peacefully slept.

Once the appointment started, and introductions were complete, Stacy talked with all three dogs.

While each dog’s message deserves it’s own post, I’m going to do my best to give you the Reader’s Digest Version. Know that each dog provided very specific details that made it effortless for us to follow what they were trying to tell us.


Cooper: the oldest at 9 years old, just wanted some more 1×1 time with Travis, away from the energy of the other two. He also asked if we were moving, which was slightly confusing at first until we realized we had been telling him about our extended trip to Arizona in September. He ended with the statement that he didn’t want to take up much time talking about himself, so he passed the mic to Oliver.



Oliver: the middle at 4 years old, was much more talkative.

In-between requests for ball time (this dog lives and breathes for playing fetch), he talked about his gratitude for living with us (he originally lived with my brother) and his strong desire to protect me due to experiences I’ve had in the past, even though they occurred well before he was born. While I won’t go into specifics here, Stacy did provide very detailed information about those experiences that were above and beyond any generic message.

Oliver also reminded us that we hadn’t taken him “to the water” in a while, and promptly requested that we leave Bernie at home when we do so.


Bernie: the youngest at 2 years old, conveyed his struggle to acclimate to a world he’s never known and his sadness at not knowing what happened to his buddies. That was a particularly stunning moment for me. I have always pitied him for the conditions he had been living in and the lack of love he received. But really, Bernie hadn’t known any different and was instead missing the dogs he grew up with.

He went on to detail some things that he wished we would change, for instance, not having him in the kennel at night. He explained that he’s fearful of Cooper, who is the dominant dog in the pack, so Stacy explained to him that he needn’t be afraid of Cooper, that he’s got his back.

Travis also had a great experience talking with Barkley, who passed last year. Barkley confirmed that he had been ready to go, a relief to Travis who had battled with questioning if it had been his time. Barkley recounted some of his favorite memories and asked us to not move his collar from the shelf (his collar and toy sit on a shelf in our living room).



As we were winding down, I wanted to give Cooper another moment of focus, in case there was anything else that he wanted to address.

I expected him to talk about himself and his needs. Instead, he took the time to give me insights and encouragement.

He told me to believe in myself more, that I am more powerful than I know, and that I have to be better at protecting myself (energetically).

While these may sound generic to you, these are three things that I have struggled very deeply with in the past few months, and have talked about with Travis while at home.

Clearly, Cooper had been listening.

Cooper went on to talk about where my life was headed and how his physical symptoms are tied to imbalances within me. I was simply stunned.

But the real miracles happened after the appointment. Within seconds of hanging up, Bernie went to Cooper and laid down next to him. Touching! This is something that hadn’t happened since the struggle to figure out dominance had started.

We also took them to the dog park, so Oliver could get his water time and Bernie has been kennel-free for about a week now. The harmony in our house has increased substantially since working with Stacy, and for that we will be forever deeply and wholeheartedly grateful to her.

If you adopted one of the other 74 dogs that were rescued from the hoarding situation in Wisconsin Rapids in 2017, let us know how they’re doing! We’d love to be able to tell Bernie that his buddies are safe and protected!

Would you like to have a chat with your furry children? I highly recommend Stacy over at All Spirit Healing. To set up your appointment, visit her website, or give her a call:

Website: http://allspirithealing.com/animal-communication/

Phone: 414-460-4781

Email: skanimalz2@yahoo.com

Through the Eyes of a Tarot Reader

Ever wonder what it’s like to see through the eyes of a tarot reader?

I tell all of my clients that one of my goals is to demystify energy work. It’s my belief that it becomes more approachable for you after I explain the “mechanics” behind what I do. Which is ultimately what I want to do for you: empower you to discover that you are everything you need to succeed.

While I can’t speak for every tarot reader – we’re about as diverse as they come – I can tell you about what it’s like for me to do a tarot reading for you.

Let me start from the beginning…

I’m at my office or reading space about 45 minutes before you arrive so I can prep the space, making it a safe haven for the reading. Once there, I’m looking for (and sensing) any spirits or energies that need to exit the premises.

As an energy worker of any kind, you need to have an internal dictionary of what different feelings, images, and sensations mean. It’s not always as easy as just ‘seeing’ what’s there (although it makes my life much easier when I can just see what I’m working with).

For instance, I may walk into a room and immediately feel intensely anxious, with every hair on my body standing straight up. I know this is either some stagnant negative energy that needs to be cleared or a very nervous spirit that doesn’t know what to make of me.

Just as likely, I may walk into a room and see “someone” wandering around, just as startled to see me as I am to see them.

Both scenarios are equally as likely in my life and in my work.

Once I know what I’m dealing with, I clear the space of everything that doesn’t need to be there. I get the best results from using some sort of clearing agent (such as sage or a purification spray) in combination with a singing bowl. The combination of the two loosens up and releases any energy that doesn’t serve my work (or you). It’s also going to raise the vibration of the room which makes communicating with your guides and angels infinitely easier for everyone involved.

Once the space is clear of negativity and non-essential spirits, I call in the big guns to protect the room for the duration of my day: Archangel Michael. I ask him to keep the space pure and prevent anything that doesn’t serve the highest good from approaching or entering the space.

Angels have always been more of a challenge for me to connect with than guides/spirits. They often times make my ears ring intensely before I can make out the message. I equate it to me being tuned into a different frequency. You know, when you’re switching radio stations (manually) and you know you’re getting close because you can kind of hear the voices of the station hosts? It’s kinda like that.

Next, I cleanse and prepare myself because, contrary to some belief, tarot readers are human too. We have bad days and life challenges. The key however is to clear ourselves of our personal struggles while we’re channeling for your reading. Depending on the size of crabby pants I have on for the day, this can take just a few seconds (life is good!) to ten minutes.

Once you come into the office, get comfy, and have a seat across from me, I call in your guides, angels, or anything else that serves your highest good that wants to talk with you.

There’s a very specific feeling that I wait for to know that I’m “half-in-half-out”.  In other words, the feeling that signifies that I’m half on their side (the guides and angels) and half with you. The best way to describe this feeling is to imagine half of your body is floating in water while the other half remains on land. My arms and hands will feel like they’re floating, but I’ll still feel my feet on the floor. My third eye opens, and I see various images or colors that serve as confirmation that the channel has been opened.

So for those of you that have had a reading with me, do you remember when I ask you to close your eyes and breath deeply while I call in the angels and guides? Then there’s a momentary silence before I tell you we can begin? That’s the moment I’m waiting for that “open-channel” feeling.

That’s when the fun begins. Your guides will show me how they want me to lay out the cards. It’s very much like seeing very faint pieces of white tissue paper where the cards need to be laid down. There’s been a couple of instances where guides have given me an image of the spread through my third eye as well.

As I lay down the cards, I start to see how the energy flows between them. That energy looks a lot like mini rivers flowing between the cards and is my first clue as to what kind of reading it’s going to be.

After all the cards are laid out, there’s usually one that stands out, either by looking physically different or by pulling my attention to it. People often ask me how something can “pull” my focus. I can’t tell you how (because I don’t know for sure), but I can tell you that I have very little control over where my eyeballs focus. I HAVE to look at it. It’s a very odd sensation, and hard to put into words.

From here, I get your messages in a variety of different ways. It all depends on how you need to hear and receive the information.

I may see it: Sometimes your guides and angels will show themselves to me for identification. When this happens, I don’t see them like I see you. They are set in the background, almost as if they are behind a translucent curtain. If they decide to speak to me directly, it’s like trying to hold a conversation underwater. Although that does get easier the longer I stay connected to them.

They may also show me aspects of their messages, such as a place, person, or object. To perceive these images feels like trying to focus on a memory of a dream.

I may feel it: As a reader, I have to accept the fact that feelings are not my own when I’m reading your cards. I have felt the emotions of a drug addict, the frustration of a physically disabled body, and the confusion of someone struggling to cope with mental illness. Although sometimes jarring to the senses, this helps me connect to you on a deeper level when I’m energetically put into your shoes.

The cards are just my starting point to your reading. They are my tour guide, if you will. They give me an energy to tap into, so that you’re guides and angels may better communicate with me whatever it is you need to hear.

And no two readings are the same, and messages are always being delivered to me in new ways. For the longest time I explained to my clients that I’m not a medium, and won’t be able to incorporate mediumship into a reading. Well, as many of you know, that had to go out the window. As my connection became stronger and encompassed more energy channels, different kinds of energies started to come through. So, while I still hold that mediumship isn’t my immediate forte, I do have the occasional relative on the other side happy to participate in my readings.

This is also the reason that I tell my clients before a reading that the only limiting factor I enforce is that whatever energy wants to participate in the session must be working for your highest good, and only your highest good.

After my last client of the day has left, I take time to sit in deep, bursting gratitude. I thank everyone and everything that had a role in making the day successful, and for working along side me in service. This may be one of my favorite parts, actually: feeling the support and love that is always with me and that’s always with you.

I love what I do. It’s so dynamic and always changing. I never know what my next reading is going to look (or feel like) and I learn just as much from my clients (you!) as they learn from my cards.

So, if you ask me what it’s like to see through my eyes, I’d tell you the answer is simple: I see you and I see them. And we are much closer to each other than you think.

Keep your eyes open in the coming weeks, I’ll be talking about my favorite readings that were chalk full of giggles, tears, and shocking moments. I can’t wait to share these with you!

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Confessions from a Clean Slate

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

–Maya Angelou


Let’s start today with confessional: Just two months ago, I thought I had it all figured out. I had quite my corporate job in favor of spending time exploring the world for seven months. I was going to get rid of most of my belongings, surrender my apartment, and go to India to explore the culture and spirituality.

I had followed all the signs the universe had put in front of me:

  • When I first felt called to India, to the Oneness University, I knew it was for an extended period of time, multiple months in fact. However, their classes only lasted a handful of weeks. Later, I found out the University had just introduced a program where your stay could last as long as you wanted. I was accepted into this program within 24 hours.
  • My passport showed up in my mailbox the morning after I had asked for a sign that I was following the right path, even though the online tracking system stated the paperwork was still being processed.
  • My visa had been processed in less than a week, contrary to being told that I should expect it to take no less than four weeks.
  • The first person who came to look at my car bought it after a 2-minute test drive and no attempt to negotiate a lower asking price.

Everything had been falling perfectly into place, a clear indication to me that I was following the right path.

Three days before I was supposed to get on a plane, nothing was working with me. Emotionally, I was hit hard by the intensity of purging all my items. It wasn’t about the items themselves, but about the security that I felt being able to have an apartment full of “things”. It was paralyzing and made effective packing nearly impossible.

Logistically, I had spent 4 hours in a cell phone store, attempting to transfer my service for cheaper international rates. Which made me late for my final car sale (and I had lost the time I had to clean out my car before I handed it over). ALL the clothes I had ordered specially for India, which was now my entire wardrobe, failed to be delivered by the promised date and I was leaving for the airport in hours.

And, to bring everything all together, when I arrived at the airline check-in, I was denied board onto the plane due to their regulations on traveling to India.


That moment when you realize that you definitely don’t have a clue about what life is all about hits you right in the heart. I was devastated, confused, angry, and a whole bunch of other crabby adjectives that I won’t mention here.

What followed were a slew of negative emotional spirals within myself and judgments from the external world. This went on for a couple of weeks before epiphany hit me.


“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

– John Lennon

I didn’t understand why, but I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be even though it didn’t look anything like I had imagined or had been planning for. I was still doing exactly what I had set out to do: work on myself and start a new chapter in my life. Sure, I thought that this new chapter was going to start with me on a 20-hour flight. However, I couldn’t have gotten better fresh start than having to completely rebuild myself.

I didn’t have a job, so what did I really want to do with my time? Where did I feel my heart calling me to?

I didn’t have an apartment, so where did I really want to live?

I didn’t go to India, so did I really want to go to India?

Life has a tendency to lead us in a direction that we eventually convince ourselves that we see clearly. It’s human nature to start anticipating the next step. That’s when we get ourselves into a predicament.

I have a hard time identifying when I started anticipating versus feeling, but, I do know that this all happened exactly as it needed to. The only way I was going to leave my comfy (and stagnate) life was to plan for something big, something that was important and was chalk full of meaning.

And now, I get to rebuild my life without any barriers. I have a clean slate. It’s not easy and definitely not always pretty. I’ve had many freak out moments and countless times I was second guessing myself. But, in traveling through these darker parts of myself, I got to know exactly what it is I want.

To you, my reader, I hope for you the same opportunity. Don’t wait for the right time or for permission. Follow and honor your heart without fail. It already knows what’s going to make you happiest and exactly what you want. Find the courage to listen and the strength to act.

“[…]the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare.”

–Maya Angelou

India update: The trip has been rescheduled for October-December. Absurdly cheap plane tickets have been bought. And something feels really good about it, but I can’t quite put my finger on it just yet.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Shaved Head

Have you ever known something so deeply in your gut that you couldn’t ignore it and it wouldn’t go away? So you changed everything in a leap of faith to go after it?

I get it. And it gave me VIP seating on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Here are the basics: I quit my corporate job. Then shaved my head. Followed by purging and downsizing my life into a handful of boxes. Then sold my car and surrendered my apartment.

Those are the juicy bits. Let me digress momentarily to set the stage.

In 2012, life as I knew it changed. I was in college, majoring in anthropology with intentions to go to medical school. I was in a dysfunctional, long-term relationship and working part time at a corporate power house. I had just picked up my routine Starbucks and was driving to my weekend volunteer gig at a regional hospital when my car was rear-ended. Twice.

Brother and my 2012 self

Fast forward through a nasty break up and thousands of dollars worth of medical testing and treatment. I was racked with migraines and had lost all my confidence in western medicine. I dropped out of school, convinced myself that I was going to finally be able to pursue a long standing dream of getting an equestrian degree, which fell through, then pursued a corporate promotion, which also fell through. At that point in my life, I had never felt so lost and stuck.

An incredibly nosy eaves dropper changed everything for me.

I had been complaining to a friend about yet another migraine that was having its way with me while standing in line for what I’m sure was my third espresso drink of the day.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but have you tried acupuncture?” (Memory fails to remember his exact words, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was politely eaves dropping)

Who was this annoying individual who had the audacity to listen to my very personal migraine complaints and be so bold as to suggest something as ridiculous as acupuncture? Jerk.

I took the business card and let it make home in my wallet for one month when I got desperate enough to try anything that would help. The acupuncturist did for me in a handful of months what western medicine had been trying to do for about a year: relieved the migraines, helped me sleep, and eased the creeping anxiety that had been lingering since the accident.

The amazingly talented practitioner, Katelyn, quickly became a holistic advisor to me. She introduced  me to organic diet changes and essential oil education. She was also one of my first introductions to understanding my own energy.

As our friendship grew, I started opening up to her about my various beliefs and experiences with spiritually and the paranormal. She started urging me to go see the reiki practitioner in her office.

No. Absolutely not. I was not going to pay someone to put their hands on my person for an hour and claim to “heal” me. Nope.

In 2015, I had a life changing trip to Sedona, Arizona that warrants it’s own post in the near future. Simply put, it helped me to release all that was holding me back at that point in my life, complete with an ugly, snotty cry. I had also worked with two energy healers, one of which had done a wisdom card reading for me, giving me the cedar card (as in the wood). It was appropriate, but not life shatteringly profound. It was okay though, my experiences in Sedona were enough for me.

2015-03-26 18.40.13-1

After returning home, I was recounting my Sedona experience with Katelyn when she insisted that I contact the reiki professional and handed me her card: Cedar Circle Healing.

Well. Damn. (Memory did not fail in remembering the exact words that had crossed my mind in that moment).

What followed was nothing short of profound. A year of meditating, healing myself, and exploring energy work in the modern world has brought me to this point. More on that later.

In March of this year, I had felt called to go to India to work with monks for seven months. So, in the spirit of embracing change, I took a leap of faith. I quit my comfy corporate job, sold my car, surrendered my apartment, donated most of my belongings, and shaved off all my hair.

Well, actually, my brother had the honor of shaving off all 10 inches of my hair:


And, now, here I am, writing for all of you. I wasn’t allowed board onto the plane to India (read about the crazy twisty turn my trip to India has taken next week), so I’m state side for the next couple of months. I’ll be writing for you more about my journey getting to this point and my discoveries moving forward. My hope and desire for you is to find your own inspiration that sparks a personal revolution through my experiences.

Join me next week to talk about India, spirituality, and the sometimes surprising plot twists of life.


Curious about acupuncture? Check out the incredible healer at Roots Acupuncture: http://www.rootsacupuncture.org/

Ready to give reiki a try? Head on over to the Trinity family (http://trinityhealingwellness.com/) or Cedar Circle Healing (http://www.cedarcirclehealing.com/)