Demystifying Chakras

What is a chakra? There’s a lot of fantastic information out there profiling and detailing each of the seven chakras, but it’s often overwhelming. I want to give you a quick hit review of each of these energy centers so you can focus on what calls to you most.

“Chakra” originates from Sanskrit, a sacred hindu language, meaning wheel. Energetically, they are the seven power houses that are constantly working to keep us balanced and healthy. They’re arranged along the center line of your body and usually seen as a spinning wheels of color and energetic goodness. However, just as our physical bodies can be injured or get ill, so too can your chakras. 

When you’re living the good life, they all work together to help get you everything you need to thrive. Each chakra has it’s own “specialty”, if you will, and has an impact on our emotional, physical, and spiritual health. But when you find yourself with the case of the blues or the office gossip has you in a tailspin, your chakras will start to suffer. It’s our job to take care of the chakras, just as we do our physical bodies. 

You’re gonna see both the English and Sanskrit name for each chakra, color association, location, and a very brief overview of each chakra. Each of these chakras deserves their own spotlight, however, my goal is to give you the quick and dirty description of each to get you started.

As always, trust the information that resonates most with you.



1st Chakra: Root – Muladhara, “root support”

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

This is the chakra of primal needs and instincts, such as the need for shelter, food, safety, and survival. It also holds the deep connections you have to your physical body and to Mother Earth. When this chakra is open and vibrant, you feel secure in your life and your ability to maneuver through your daily endeavors with ease. You trust that you have everything you need to thrive.

Feelings of unease, troubles dealing with change, overwhelming fear, greed, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, and lower back pain are some of the potential symptoms of a root chakra that needs rebalancing.



2nd Chakra: Sacral – Svadhisthana, “dwelling place of the self”

Color: Orange

Location: 1-2 inches below your navel

This is the chakra of passions and pleasures. This is where feelings of sensuality, intimacy, and connection are felt. It’s also a source of creative inspiration. When this chakra is healthy, you have a zest for your life and your body. You’re connected to how you feel and are unashamed. You love your body and all the sensations that it’s capable of.

An imbalanced sacral chakra may lead to intimacy challenges, being either overly cold or needy in relationships, trust issues, emotional instability, and reproductive issues.



3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus –  Manipura, “city of jewels”

Color: Yellow

Location: Above your naval, just below your diaphragm

This is the charka of personal power. For those familiar with the concept of ego, this is the chakra where it is said to reside. This chakra enables you to feel confident and competent in everything that you do. It also helps you have the willpower to tackle life challenges. This chakra is particularly important if you’re going through a personal transformation as this is where our warrior energy stems from.

Struggles with extreme emotional imbalances, a disinterest in life, negative judgment toward yourself and others, perfectionism, controlling tendencies, and digestive problems may be major indicators of an imbalance in this energy center.



4th Chakra: Heart – Anahata, “unstruck”

Color: Green

Location: Center of your chest

Unsurprisingly, this is the chakra of love. This is where you receive, give, and feel love for everything around you; it helps love move around and through every aspect of your life. It’s also said to be the connection to universal truth that connects every one of us to each other and all of creation. Because of this, I aim to make all of my decisions from this space.

Individuals struggling with anger, jealousy, bitterness, resentment, and hatred likely have an imbalanced heart chakra.



5th Chakra: Throat –  Vishuddha, “pure place”

Color: Blue

Location: Center of throat

This is the chakra of authentic expression and knowledge seeking. This is where we decide if we are going to honor how we feel and speak honestly about it. Therefore, our integrity lives here. It’s also where we desire to seek knowledge, in its truest form.

An imbalanced throat chakra may cause overthinking, fear of judgment from others, people pleasing (at the expense of yourself), insecurities, frequent sore throats, allergies, and thyroid issues.




6th Chakra: Third Eye – Ajna, “wisdom”

Color: Indigo

Location: Slightly above the space between your eyebrows

This is the chakra of spiritual sight; both externally and internally. It helps us in honest self reflection and in developing psychic abilities (we all have them!). You can think of it as the key to your own inner GPS. It cuts through all the barriers, taking you to the clearest and deepest truth; whether it be your own truth or the truth revolving around an external source.

An imbalanced third eye may lead to migraines, judgmental tendencies, excessive day dreaming, memory problems, concentration struggles, and social anxieties to list a few.




7th Chakra: Crown – Sahaswara – the thousand-petal lotus

Color – Violet or white

Location – hovers just above the top of your head


This is the chakra of happiness, positivity, and connection to the Universe. This chakra is all about giving, receiving, and experiencing joy and peace. It’s also our direct dial to, depending on your beliefs, the higher power and Divine.

A blocked crown will sometimes manifest in isolation tendencies, depression, insomnia, and migraines.


Keeping our charkas healthy is essential to our wellbeing, but often the most overlooked. Good news though! Healing and juicing up our chakras is often incredibly enjoyable. Get your mediation on! Live a healthy lifestyle, get some reiki, explore crystals, walk the dog, draw a stick figure master piece! Anything that makes your soul happy and brings some serenity to your life will always benefit your chakras.

Stay tuned next week – you’ll be seeing a chakra healing meditation from yours truly to help get you started.


Have your own nuggets of wisdom and experience about chakras? Share them below! Your words and experiences are priceless, and you never know who you’ll help by sharing.