CLASS: The Art of Tarot – 2 Class Series


13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove, WI 53122

From 11:00 am until 3:00 pm

At Angel Light LLC

13300 Watertown Plank Rd, Elm Grove, WI 53122

Through this 2 class intensive series, students will become well versed in the energy, symbolism, and power of the tarot deck while also strengthening their own psychic and intuitive abilities. Each class will include tarot teachings alongside tools and practices that will awaken a connection to spirit. Some of the topics covered include: how to pick the deck that wants to work with you, introducing yourself to the light energies behind the cards, an in-depth look at the different facets of the tarot deck, how to manage the energy during a reading, and, of course, how to perform an accurate reading for yourself and others. 

Series pricing TBD

Class #1: 5/5/18

Class #2: 5/12/18

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