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“Meeting with Bobbi whether for a reading or reiki, has given me the strength and confidence to trust my inner voice more frequently. She has a way of providing guidance that allows you to not be afraid of taking that next big step, but to embark on the journey of embracing it!”

-Christie C.

“I wanted to take a few moments to share about my experiences with Bobbi at Sacred Spiral. I met Bobbi through a friend and I’m truly grateful and blessed that I did.

I have seen Bobbi for both reiki and tarot readings and she is quite gifted in both practices. Bobbi made sure that I was comfortable and that any of my questions were answered. The atmosphere was quiet, calm, and clean. Bobbi is always so welcoming and takes great care of me.

What I most appreciate about Bobbi is her ability to say what needs to be said, in the most compassionate, loving, and gentle way. Her connection with the spirit world is very special and has been so very helpful to me in my journey. Although she knew nothing about me when we met, it was clear that she knew exactly what I was going through.

Her guidance has been essential and for that I’m eternally grateful. I highly recommend her services to anyone who may need healing and guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!”

-Joanne M.

I’ve had several readings with Bobbi, and cannot tell you how magical they’ve been in my journey towards getting to know my own spiritual self more fully.  In my first reading, she spent nearly two hours with me, and within a past life spread, was able to tell me about pivotal moments within THIS life and how they relate to my previous earth journeys.  Very cool to see the connections there, and they were all super spot on.  She has a special connection with the realm of spirit guides, and was therefore able to introduce me to mine, and ever since, I’ve had the peace and comfort in knowing that I’m divinely guided in this life.  She’s validated pieces of my current journey and shown me that my dreams and goals aren’t just pipe dreams, which has helped me to dissolve my fears of moving forward, and fueled my next steps in such divine ways.  Thank you Bobbi, for your guidance and wisdom!  I’m truly blessed to know you!

-Katie, acupuncturist, Roots Acupuncture

I had the best experience when I went to see Ms. Bobbi to get my tarot cards read.  She was very thorough and extremely compassionate.  Bobbi has a wealth of knowledge to share for anyone who is willing to listen.  After this experience, I do not think I would be able to go see anyone else but Bobbi.

Thank you for taking the time to be such a great spirit guide.  I can not tell you, thank you enough, for all that  you have helped me the past month.  I am getting more grounded everyday and can not wait to see what happens next.  I look forward to my future now.

-Cassandra H.

Meeting Bobbi has changed my life in so many incredibly positive ways.

I had never had an intuitive reading before meeting with her for the first time and I was nervous not knowing what to expect, but she made me feel completely at ease and explained everything in a way I could understand. At the time I was in a very negative relationship and wasn’t sure what to do about it. Until hearing her words, I wasn’t aware of the absolute loving support system I have with me at all times which gave me the courage and strength let go of the negative relationship along with many other things that weren’t serving me.

Each visit I have with her now helps me to focus on what is important in my life and what will keep me on a path of joy and fulfillment.

She has an amazing gift which has opened my eyes and helped teach me how to listen to and follow my heart. Because of this, my life is forever changed for the better. I can’t thank her enough for making that possible.

I can honestly say a visit with Bobbi has become more valuable to me than a checkup with my doctor!

-Lindsey M.

“My first experience with The Sacred Spiral included a Tarot Card reading. Though Bobbi knows me personally, she managed to remain so professional and unbiased in her readings. She saw things with her cards that I had not even told her about. She defined things that I couldn’t. She made me take a more mature look at myself, almost like an out of body reflection of my mind and soul. As a woman aiming to grow and, literally, spread her wings and fly, having my eyes opened to parts of myself I could never put into words astounded me.


To be honest, I never had much of a positive image of Tarot reading due to religious stigma from my family’s beliefs and background, but having Bobbi read me was something different from what I had ever known. I learned so much about animals, symbols that can be found in life, and was encouraged to be attentive to my surroundings.


My second experience with Bobbi at the Sacred Spiral involved a Reiki session. I felt so relaxed, calm, and peaceful. The atmosphere was set so calmly with calming music, which was really nice to walk into for someone new to these experiences. I could feel the stones that she used and how warm her hands became as she worked but I never felt nervous or unsure. At the end of the session, she took the liberty to explain each part of the session. She explained why she focused on certain areas of my body versus others. She explained what my next steps were as well. In all of my years of knowing her, I have never see this side of her: professional, objective, and well versed in her practice.


I feel that anyone who would seek out services from The Sacred Spiral will not be disappointed. Even for those who are new or consider themselves a skeptic of this field will see things differently. I believe that one will be able to not only learn how spiritual healing and practice works, but also learn more about the inner self.”

-Tomera S.

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