The Q&A Page – Your Questions Answered

The world of energy healing and tarot readings can be confusing and overwhelming. Here’s some fantastic, and common, questions that are frequently asked:

Reiki Treatments

Q: What do I have to do during the session?
A: All you have to do is lay down, relax, and be open to the energy. I may lead you through some very simple breathe work at the beginning of the session to relax you, but that’s it! The rest of the time you just have to relax and allow me to take care of you.

Q: Do I have to believe in reiki for it work?
A: Nope. Come into the session exactly as you are. The treatment will have the same affect on you whether you believe it will or not.

Q: Is it like a massage?
A: Not really. I may apply very light pressure during your treatment, but nothing to the degree of a massage. If you have any physical concerns, the treatment can be pressure free, or even hands free if needed.

Q: Does anything weird happen during a treatment?
A: There are many different sensations you may feel or experience during a treatment. Some people notice temperature changes, experience seeing colors while their eyes are closed, feel several pairs of hands at once, or see images flash in front of them while their eyes are closed. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you may experience during a treatment.

With that being said, no experience will be threatening in anyway. It’s a healing treatment and everything that happens inside the treatment room is working for your greatest good and only your greatest good. No exceptions there.

Q: How often do I need reiki to get the benefits?
A: You’ll start feeling and seeing the benefits after your first treatment. After that, you’ll know when it’s time for your next one. In my experience, receiving reiki once a month is a great way to keep yourself balanced and aligned.

Q: I don’t understand what reiki “heals”. Does it work on my physical body or my emotions?
A: Both! Reiki has been scientifically proven to have healing effects on the physical body and your emotional wellbeing. For instance, you can get a reiki treatment for both your cold and your stress.

Q: I’m catholic. Is reiki going to interfere with my faith?
A: Absolutely not. Reiki energy is pure, universal energy. It works as a supplement to your beliefs. Please bring your faith to the session, as it only strengthens the energy of the treatment.

Tarot Readings

Q: What happens during a tarot reading?
A: The first part of the reading I will be using traditional tarot cards to communicate with your spirit guides or anyone else that wishes to talk with you. The second part of the reading you will draw one Native American Wisdom card that will sum up the reading for you, and, oftentimes gives you an action step to aim for after the reading.

Q: Who or what are you talking to during a tarot reading?
A: Primarily your spirit guides. However, I do open the floor for anyone or anything else to come through so long as they are serving only your highest good. This could mean angels, deceased loved ones, pets, or even an ascended master.

Q: Do I need to bring questions?
A: That’s up to you. We can tailor the reading to address specific areas of your life or I can draw the cards with the intention of providing you with whatever information you need to hear.

Q: Do I have to come into your office to get a reading?
A: Not necessarily. If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, having your reading done in-person is a very special experience. But, if you are unable to get to my office or live outside the area, remote readings are available. These are done via Skype or FaceTime. The information provided during readings is not impacted by location.

Q: My religious beliefs warn me against seeing psychics. Are you different?
A: My hope for you is that you honor your values and beliefs. With that being said, I spend a significant amount of time and energy prior to each reading protecting the space from anything, or anyone, on the other side that may have ill intent or negative energy. Those kinds of things are simply not allowed to enter my reading space. I communicate only with energy that is of the highest, purest energy and whose intention is to serve your greatest good.

Have more questions? Please contact me, I’d love to chat with you about it!